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Bronzer for contouring

Can someone pls recommend a nice bronzer for my skintone? I am medium-light, with neutral undertone but i get a healthy golden tan in the summer.I have tried a few bronzers,and since i have a square face,with a vy strong jawline i had to have something for contouring to soften my features.

i have tried thebalm bahama mama,too faced chocolate soleil,and nyx taupe,but on my skin they go a little muddy and kinda made me look old!

i want something matte and longlasting... I have seen reviews on the new dior blush and bronzer for summer but im guessing it would be too orange for me.

here are my choices for my next purchase: d&g tan blush.kevyn aucoin sculpting powder,nars laguna.i havent tried nor swatched them in storeS yet.

thank you in advance!

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Hi Ayen85 I think Nars Laguna would be a good choice with your coloring. It has just enough warmth so it won't look muddy on your skin, but shouldn't turn orange either.

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Thanks keelybt! 

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Ive actually just started liking the chocolate soleil but i found i have to go really light otherwise it definitely goes muddy on me too


here are the ones i use:

Nars Laguna- nice light golden tan- shimmer but not overpowering on

Nars Casino- big sis to laguna- maybe a shade darker- less scary on than in the pan

Benefit Hoola - matte

Bobbi Brown - matte - golden light - just got it and am in love! really natural bronze, also 2 darker shades medium and neutral

Bare Minerals ready in High dive - sheen - similar to bobbis, shade below and above

Re: Bronzer for contouring

wow! Thanks for the list aviscardi! 

Re: Bronzer for contouring

theBalm goes on SUPER heavy! I feel ya there. I am not that great with a light touch so that is hard for me to use, plus its a little warm I prefer a cooler toned brown bronzer for contouring.


I would recommend either Nars Laguna or I also like bareMinerals The Skinny Dip (lightest bronzer) ... they both go on lighter than bahama mama and are buildable. The bareMinerals color is a touch warmer than Laguna. I'm N20 and I use the skinny dip over the next darker shade in BM (the high dive, recommended below) so it depends on how dark you want to go. I prefer to build the color myself that way I can use it as an allover face and neck bronzer too.

Re: Bronzer for contouring

nars laguna seems to be worth the hype,everybody's recommending it. i might have to try it in store this week! I was also interested in shiseido oil free bronzer But comparing both,Nars laguna seemed to have more product than the shiseido one! 

Re: Bronzer for contouring


This is a really good contouring kit, but its important you have a brush thats angled as well for the effect the one in the box may be good for blush but probably wont give you the effect your looking for, or you could get "Hoola" if your only looking for a bronzer its from benefit as well. 

Re: Bronzer for contouring

What type of brush do you recommend for contouring?  I've just been using the powder brush in my Sephora airbrush travel set and a very light hand with Hoola.  (Good color for me, but I don't know if I will ever hit pan on that small sized bronzer.)  Some days seem to work better than others, and I suspect a different brush might work better. 

Re: Bronzer for contouring

I love using the Pro Angled Contour Brush #75 brush to blend the contour.  I find it applies it to heavily, so I will apply it with a looser bristle brush first. I also look forward to adding the Pro Visionary Face Blender Brush #134 to my contouring arsenal.  I played with it in store and the shape is perfect for getting a precise contour.

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Pro Angled Contour Brush #75

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Pro Visionary Face Blender Brush #134

Re: Bronzer for contouring

personally i contour with hoola and then use dandilion over it so it blends and doesent look like brown streaks (im very pale) i like the ELF brush from target its about 3 dollars, for contouring its just called the "Angled blush brush". 


if you'd rather buy something from sephora this brush is good 

i use it on occasion. 


i like to take the elf one travleing so i'm not crying if i loose a really expsive brush and i'll keep the sephora one at home 

Re: Bronzer for contouring

@keelybt thanks for the tip because you know I just bought brush #75!



@annonymous1 I have that same brush! It's one of my absolute favorites for blush and bronzer and even highlighters Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Thanks for the brush tips. I couldn't find the $3 blush brush but they had a $1 contour bronzer brush or something like that.  I doubt it will last for lots and lots of time, but I can tell that it is a really useful style. This will do for now and I'll see what I find later. Meanwhile for $3 I also found a crease brush (not exactly called that) which I think is just what I was looking for. Definitely money worth spending to use what I own better. 

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Thanks anonymous! Maybe i should also try changing my brush,i am a little heavy handed sometimes,a foolproof bronzer and a great brush is something i need! Im currently using the real techniques brush but i need something better.i have a small face so big brushes wont be great fo application.i ❤ benefit products i cant wait to swatch  this in store!

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Hi Ayen85,


Try something a bit warmer rather than brown or yellow toned!


Sephora Collection 2 Maui - sienna with light shimmer


I also agree, using the right brush will totally change how the product goes onto you skin.


Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Bronzer Brush #46


<3 Melissa

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Thank you melissabt! Appreciate your help! 😘

Re: Bronzer for contouring

No problemSmiley Happy!!

<3 Melissa

Re: Bronzer for contouring

I love the hourglass waterproof bronzer & use it with the bobbi brown brush powder brush

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Thanks dannyc! I ❤ hourglass products too as well.their ambient powder was a winner though i havent played with this one in store Yet. You had me at waterproof! 

Re: Bronzer for contouring

It's awesome! I've had mine for 2 years now I think & it lasts. A light hand is a must with it. The brush included could work for contouring depending on your method, but it's not good for blending. 

Re: Bronzer for contouring

I've been loving the Too Faced Tan without the Twinkle. I was always looking for a bronzer without any sparkle or shimmer and this has been amazing. I also think it smells really good

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Hello, do you know if Too Faced Tan without the Twinkle comes with Chocolate Soleil  (medium deep) or Milk Chocolate Soleil (light medim)?

Re: Bronzer for contouring

Hi Momo,


I think it comes with Chocolate Soleil.


You can see it here:


You might also want to read the comments section to determine if it's appropriate for your needs.



Re: Bronzer for contouring

is this the best bronzer?

Re: Bronzer for contouring

I like Laguna and Park Avenue Princess by TooFaced.  Laguna is a little more contoury and PAP is more bronzy/blushy. 


I am brunette with fair skin/pink undertones. 



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