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Bronzer Question

I want to start using a bronzer what is the best bronzer to use for tan skin tone? What is the best way to apply foundation? I've been told to use a brush not a sponge or your fingers but then have been told using for hand is better....what are your thoughts?

Re: Bronzer Question

I wish I could help on the bronzer part.. Im pretty pale, but I can tell you I have use a brush for foundation, several from MAC and Sephora, my fingers, and a beauty blender. The beauty blender works best for me. it always gives me a flawless application. Sometimes when I used a brush it would be streaky in a couple places and I hate using my fingers cause it's messy for me and I always end staining my clothes.. lol

Re: Bronzer Question


Re: Bronzer Question

I think the best bronzers for tan skin are:

  • Too Faced Chocolate bronzer in medium/deep
  • Bare Minerals READY Bronzer in The Deep End
  • MUFE Mat Bronze in 40
  • Smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte

Also, with tan skin, you want to try highlighting more than contouring. If you use a lighter foundation/concealer (but not ridiculously light like some people) use it under your eyes, on your cheekbone, or any place you want to highlight. 


As for your foundation question, there isn't a best way to apply foundation. It depends on you. If like using your hands, use them. If you like using a brush, use one. Your hands are better when you want a more natural finish and coverage. Brushes are best when you want controlled application and more coverage. 

Re: Bronzer Question

Andy, are you feeling OK today?  Was wondering b/c you did not recommend a Nars bronzer! Smiley Very Happy


IMO, Too Faced Chocolate or Milk Chocolate are the best depending on your skin tone. I left Tom Ford and Guerlain for Too Faced, better product and a great savings!  Have never looked back!  While the smell of chocolate does not bother me and I will not eat chocolate, the chocolate fragrance of the Too Faced is wonderful.


Wet and Wild has a body color/bronzer that smells like chocolate too! It is a great bargain product!

Re: Bronzer Question

brat, I saw you sneaking licks on that bronzer... do not lie. 

Re: Bronzer Question

Calamity, it only looked like I was licking it....I was actually "sniffing" it up close and personal!  Will be putting some on foil next to try it out! Smiley Wink       

Smiley Very Happy


When I come inside from feeding the animals, I love to put on my makeup with my dirty hands b/c it helps blend the dirt from my hands and face with the foundation. By all means, use your fingers instead of a brush or sponge! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Bronzer Question

I love park avenue princess from tarte..... I use guerlain in the summer.


 The best way to apply foundation?.....  tarte bamboo airbrush finish brush.

Different foundations call for different methods and it depends on what finish you want. 

Re: Bronzer Question

Is Android a famous MUA?  O.O


Re: Bronzer Question

Hi sweets10,


I would suggest trying the Smashbox Bronzer in the shade Suntan Matte. It is the perfect shade for tan skin tones and blends effortlessly. It is completely matte and is not extremely warm or cool toned, which makes it look very natural on the skin.


In terms of foundation, I think the application method you choose is personal preference. For liquid foundations, I love using the BeautyBlender sponge. The BeautyBlender blends in my foundation effortlessly and seems to give the most natural looking finish. Smiley Happy




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