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Do you put apply blush before bronzer or bronzer before blush? And when is it better to go for a shimmery look and for a matte bronzed look?

Re: Bronzer/Blush

i go for matte bronzer - i love my Too Faced Milk chocolate Soleil and for less expensive NYC Sunny Bronzer is good OR Revlon Photoready bronzer. For contouring I only use matte color bronzer.


I usually apply bronzer first and then blend really well u into my blush a little bit (then I blend the blush downward a bit).  This makes it so the colors are not two separate "stripes" on your face. Lylysa has an AWESOME post on how to contour.

Re: Bronzer/Blush

I put bronzer on first, then blush, especially if I'm using bronzer to contour. I like my bronzer to be matte and my blush to have either a glow or a shimmer to it (but not frosty) but that just my preference.

Re: Bronzer/Blush

I usually prefer to apply my bronzer first to warm up my face. today for some reason i forgot so i applied it after... And shimmer or matte is all preference.  

I usually bounce between nars laguna and benefit hoola. mattes are better for contouring though. i will occasionally pick up my too faced chocolate soleil & nars casino. i find my mac sun dipped and tarte park ave princess to work better in the summer since it has more noticeable shimmer

Re: Bronzer/Blush

Application steps can vary by personal preference since blush and bronzer don't go on the same spots on your face, so it's not like they're layered directly on top of one another. I like to apply blush first, but that's just my choice and because blush covers a bit more area on your cheeks compared to bronzer, which is more on the sides of the face.


Shimmer and matte finishes can come into play when factoring in skin type and techniques for blush application and bronzing. Shimmer will be more reflective and pick up more light due to mica and glitter particles. Actually shimmer is found more in blushes than it is in bronzers since the reflective quality can make cheeks look fuller and give more of a healthy glow. Bronzers generally fall into a satin or matte finish. Satin finishes give a veryb subtle sheen, but don't have visible particles or glitter or shimmer, which would work against what bronzer is meant more. Since bronzer is to mimic the warmth and look achieved by catching some natural rays in the sun, having something that's shimmery or glittery wouldn't really "deepen" color any, but rather make it look shiny. Matte bronzers are great to provide color without the worry about overloading your skin with any reflective quality. Think of it like this, if you have oily skin (for example), then add on a shimmery/glittery blush, then a bronzer with a satin finish, your face would end up being too reflective and shiny, a matte bronzer takes the chances down from that happening.


The link Roxystar gave you with the diagram and info put together will help give you an idea of how finishes can play into things due to application.


Re: Bronzer/Blush

I love reading your posts lylysa

Re: Bronzer/Blush

Gawshhh, thanks, girl!

Re: Bronzer/Blush

Very informative! I usually use my bronzer first before blush cuz thats the norm but after reading your advice i might use the blush before bronzer first! Thanks

Re: Bronzer/Blush

I usually apply bronzer first since i contour. Then apply blush and blend them out. I love shimmery/glowing blushes, thats what i usually wear but from time to time depending on my eye look ill wear satin/matte blushes. Which i love also

Re: Bronzer/Blush

There is not too much more I can add to this! I always recommend using bronzer first before blush  so you can brighten up your complexion with the blush (its purpose!) and so you can see where you need to highlight and focus. Matte bronzers tend to give a slightly more natural finish and can be good for working on contouring in a more subtle way but shimmer ones are great a sun kissed radiant glow. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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