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Boudoir Photoshoot Help

Hey BBFF's! I wrote an essay and won a contest for a free boudoir photo shoot several months ago. I haven't gone yet because I want to do it right - I'd like to give the photo album as a gift to my fiance. I really need some ideas for hair and makeup! Honestly, I usually just do a basic look with my makeup and I don't know how to do much else. I like playing with my hair, but I don't always love how it turns out.

Anyway, I am posting a picture of myself in natural light. I am wearing a little bit of makeup, and my hair is done weird, but I think it gives the general idea of what I look like, so hopefully you can give me ideas on how to look, well, sexy *blushes* I'm looking for descriptions, how-tos, reference photos, anything, pretty please!

Re: Boudoir Photoshoot Help

Have you thought about scheduling a make-over at your local Sephora before your photo shoot?  This way they can help you create the perfect look.  


My vote would be to go with a classic pin-up type look.  It would be a natural you taken a step farther.  You can even look up some of those classic pin-ups for inspiration for your hair.

Re: Boudoir Photoshoot Help

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has several videos that might be helpful:

  • Glamorous "vintage inspired" look
  • Marilyn Monroe - Iconic Make-up look
  • Pin up look

Re: Boudoir Photoshoot Help

Remember: your face isn't the only thing that will be showing. Your hands and feet/mani/pedi... you might want to think about the other areas; high lighting, contouring, shading; of arms, legs, cleavage, thighs, stomach, etc- what it does and why, effects when you get a spray tan it should be several colors or several applications applied in different areas...its all about the lines and shadows. 

As for makeup; classic never goes out of style- like Beauty Junkie325 suggested. Its like a universal sexy.

Re: Boudoir Photoshoot Help

Wow, you really don't need much to look amazing. That is a great picture!


With your skin tone I really wouldn't recommend tanning. A pale classic look would be so gorgeous on you. You could easily pull off any of the looks that Dita von Teese wears. (She is such good inspiration for classic and classy burlesque.)

Re: Boudoir Photoshoot Help

Ditto - really check out Lisa's videos.  She has a similar complexion and hair color.  Her videos are great if you haven't seen them before.

Re: Boudoir Photoshoot Help

Hi jellybean917,


I often rock the classic makeup look it's fun, easy (once you master it), and timeless. Although we don't have a video dedicated to getting the pinup makeup look we do have several others that can assist you in getting the elements for getting that retro glam look.


My best advice would be to stick with mattes (foundation and lipstick), use lipliner, and enhance your eyes with a neutral palette.


Winged liner (I'd just go with a nude liner on the bottom rather than black for a softer look):


Some products that work especially well for creating pinup looks that I love using:


The Urban Decay Basics Naked Palette


Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance lipstick in Wild


KAT VON D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw


Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation



Whimsically yours,

Re: Boudoir Photoshoot Help

i love beauty junkie's suggestion. Just remember photography can wash you out so add a little more blush etc than you think you need. sounds like fun!! hope it goes well!

Re: Boudoir Photoshoot Help

Wow, great suggestions so far! I checked out Lisa Eldridge's Marilyn video, and it was amazing. I've seen people post about her, but I usually can't sit still long enough to get through a YouTube video. It was incredibly informative, and I liked that she broke down what Marilyn and her MUA were trying to accomplish.

I definitely think I should go to my Sephora and have one of the skilled ladies do a look for me. I'm definitely not skilled enough to do the winged eyeliner yet, it's always so uneven lol.

Thanks ladies Smiley Happy

Re: Boudoir Photoshoot Help

i agree with beautyjunkie, that's a sexy look for you. Smiley Wink

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