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Body scrub that is not so oily

I would like suggestions for a body scrub that is not real oily or goopy.  I have tried Sephora's sugar scrub and it left me feeling greasy.  After using this, I would scrub myself with a soap-filled pouf TWICE and still be left with a greasy feel on my skin.  I use a scrub only to prep for tan application, so I doubt it's good for the tanning product to be applied on top of an oil slick.


I know all scrubs have some amount of oil in them, but this product even looked goopy in the container.  What products do NOT have this much oil?

Re: Body scrub that is not so oily

Hi Darmic, 


Sometimes sugar scrubs can feel a bit more greasy and oily only because of the sugar base that is actually designed to KEEP moisture and hydration in. I like a bit dryer scrubs as well when using my self tan products after so I know the product is absorbing onto my skin. You may have better luck with a salt based scrub like any of the following:


Bliss Super Slough Scrub


Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Buffing Cleanser (my favorite!)



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Body scrub that is not so oily

Oh my two ABSOLUTELY favorite scrubs do not feel oily at all! I hate oily scrubs and use these every summer.

- Body Shop pink grapefruit scrub. It have more of a jelly texture with very fine particles. The best part is the scent. It actually smells like FRESH grapefruit, not the sweet or artificial scent that most fruit scents have.

- True Blue Spa There's the Rub. It's a salt scrub with a hint of euclytepus (sp?), it smells fresh and kind of reminds me of the sea. It's very thick and I'm pretty sure there's no oil in it. It's also GIANT jar so it will last you a long long time.


My skin feels the same, but smoother and maybe more hydrated, but no residue/oily feeling whatsoever after using it. My tub also looks the same before/after I use these 2 scrub (the salt in There's the Rub dissolves so not even particles left behind).

Re: Body scrub that is not so oily

Not sold at Sephora, but I the Ole Henriksen Loofah body scrub. It's not oily or watery at all. I actually turn the shower off and take my time rubbing it in. It rinses right off without leaving a residue & comes in a squeeze bottle, not a jar that you have to stick wet hands in & get the grit stuck under your nails.

Another scrub I love is the PTR blemish buffing beads for face & body. I mainly just use it on my chest & back. Since it's safe for the face it's not loaded with oils.

Re: Body scrub that is not so oily

Ew, I hate that greasy feeling. I recently bought the Tree Hut body scrub called Hawaiian Kukui and its to die for. The smell alone is perfect for summer, and it leaves you very polished afterwards. 

Re: Body scrub that is not so oily

I'm going to totally agree with Spyski!  I use Tree Hut body scrub too & it is perfect.  My skin is so soft after & the smell lingers, I have it in Brazilian Nut, it smells so fresh.

Re: Body scrub that is not so oily

I literally took about 20 minutes in my local Ulta trying to make a decision with all their great smells! The lady at the counter must have known I was smelling each one over and over and even said,"those sure smell delightful don't they?" Haha 


Re: Body scrub that is not so oily

Kate Somerville's Exfolikate is an awesome product to use before self tanning. Hope this helps!

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