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Blush Suggestions For Fall

I really like the look of the purple-hued color (Outspoken) by Marc Jacobs. I swatched it quickly in the store once, but it seemed like they weren’t highly pigmented. Are there any blushes you’ve tried similar to this color? I’d love a color like Outspoken for the fall and would really appreciate any suggestions you have =) I’m African American with caramel-colored skin.


Re: Blush Suggestions For Fall

Everything I look at close to the color of Outspoken is too pinky of a purple. The closest I can find is the Illamasqua Powder Blush in Thrust


Re: Blush Suggestions For Fall

try makeup for ever blush in lavender 9

Re: Blush Suggestions For Fall

Ok, thanks ladies! I'll check those out. A pink-purple will work great because the Outspoken swatched on as a pinkish just didn't contain enough pigment for me.

Re: Blush Suggestions For Fall

You could just use a lilac eyeshadow as blush. Way more shade selections that way.

Re: Blush Suggestions For Fall

I bought this exact blush in the hopes of having an awesome lavender toned color and this did not deliver.  This had no pigmentation whatsoever.  I'm returning it this weekend.  You should try Benefit Hervana.  That has a slight lavender tone to it, plus it is way more pigmented than the MJ blush.  I have one also from MAC that is slightly lavender toned but I can't think of the name right now.  It was part of a limited collection and I just checked there sight and didn't see it anywhere.  You could also try a purple toned eyeshadow that you like and apply it with a light hand to your cheeks.  I have used eyeshadow to highlight before.  Chrisspymakeup has a video on Youtube where she uses an eyeshadow as her blush. 


I'm right there with you I'm still trying to find a really great lavender toned blush. 

Re: Blush Suggestions For Fall

MUF makes a great straight-up purple blush. I love it. Handle with care and apply lightly - and it looks fabulous.

Re: Blush Suggestions For Fall

Hi MarB87,

Also check out MAKE UP FOR EVER Powder Blush in Lavender 9. It's pretty vibrant, but you can always apply it with a softer hand for a more subtle look.  Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Blush Suggestions For Fall

Some really good suggestions, ladies! For some reason I can't reply directly...

@midnightangel and @clarks18: Using eyeshadow is a really good idea! I hadn't though of that. That opens up a ton of options for me =)


@clarks18: Benefit's Hervana looks really pretty. Definitely adding it to my list along with MUFE's Lavender 9.


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