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Black Eye

I had a seizure for the first time over a month ago and still have a nasty bruise from a black eye.  What is the best treatment?


Re: Black Eye

Vitamin K is wonderful at repair and strengthening broken capillaries in terms of bruising.



Re: Black Eye

Arnica Gel. Should be available at your local healthfood / natural store. Works wonders. 

Re: Black Eye

I agree with lylysa. You should be getting lots of vitamin a, c and k to both help you heal and prevent bad bruising in the future. A month ago implies that was one nasty bruise!!!! Also, retinoid creams have been known to speed along bruise healing.  


Re: Black Eye

Diana, I am a nurse and I will tell you to be very careful taking anything until you speak with your doctor. It can interfere with any seizure medication that you may/may not be on. There are MANY interactions with all different substances/foods and antiepileptics. Please, especially since the seizure is something new, consult your doctor first and foremost. 


Bruises are just blood that has escaped the capillaries and can take a while to be reabsorbed by the body. Concealer may be your best option right now. 


Take care and feel better. Smiley Happy 

Re: Black Eye

Hi Dianaqueeny,

To cover a black eye, I recommend using a color corrector and a full coverage concealer.  Try Bobbi Brown Corrector to neutralize the blue/ purple tones, and then apply Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer in thin layers and finish with a setting powder. 

Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Black Eye

Hi Diana - Boy, that's pretty scary - I really hope that you are okay and that you have a good doctor (neurologist?) who can diagnose and treat you properly.


I agree with **hessychriss** - you have to be uber careful about taking Any over the counter meds, supplements, vitamins, homeopathic treatments etc. Please talk to your doctor before taking Anything, some things may actually slow the healing of your black eye. You should also be very careful when you put anything around the eye area. Many creams, lotions and potions can 'travel' a bit once applied, so be careful not to get anything too close to the eye area, your eye lid can be especially sensitive, so I would speak to the doctor or possibly his nurse and ask their advice.


Maybe this analogy will help you. Let's say that you had an infant or small child and they, God Forbid, somehow got a serious bruise or black eye like you did. Try to think of how careful you would be before giving this little one anything by mouth or before using any topical treatments/remedies. Please think of yourself this way. When dealing with any issue involving the eye area, you need to be incredibly careful.


A 'few' years ago (give or take Smiley Tongue) I had a teacher who got a black eye, and she wore sunglasses everywhere for months, she opted to just wait it out, although I know this is Not an easy thing to do. 


Speaking from my own experience, I can understand what you're feeling to a certain extent. When in HS, a friend grabbed both of my arms during a water balloon fight, (he was not being terribly rough at all) but afterward, both of my arms had Huge Dark bruises on them, right where he grabbed me. This happened in May and I still had the bruises when school resumed the following September. (needless to say, he felt awful) I tried to hide them as best I could, but was not terribly successful, I'm whiter than white so the bruises were so obvious. I can only imagine what it must be like to have a black eye, that must be Very difficult to deal with and I really feel for you.


I hope you have a wonderful doctor and that you receive the proper treatment. I will mention you in my prayers and hope that you are on the road to recovery. Please take care of yourself. Best of luck to you Diana.



btw - not to say that any of the recommendations that other gals posted are wrong, they may work very well, but in a situation when you might be on a prescription medication for your seizures, you never know what seemingly benign OTC product could react with Rx's and possibly compromise your health. Hang in there Diana. Smiley Happy

Re: Black Eye

I am so sorry about your seizure, and the black eye! the bruising is from blood that accumulated under the skin, and only time will help your body reabsorb it. It will turn various lovely colors of purple, green, etc as the blood gets broken down and reabsorbed. the eye area doesn't exactly have a high volume of circulation ( as opposed to an arm or a leg) so It will be slow going. I would stick with coverup and patience. Don't take any OTC meds or supplements that may interfere with your medications. Take care of yourself, and give it time! Smiley Happy 

Re: Black Eye

I agree about checking with your neurologist before trying any OTC or homeopathic treatments because they may interfere with your anti-seizure medications.


I sometimes get black eyes from injections, and warm compresses (4-8 times a day) work really well to help the pooling blood and fluids dissipate more quickly.  Having said that, Arnica supplements have worked well for me (the ones that are dissolved under the tongue - not the gel, which is more for pain relief than bruising. Boiron pellets are a good brand), and they help the bruise heal within a week or less for me. If I take them before I am going to have an injection, I often will not even bruise at all (I know this would not work for you in your situation though).  I would not recommend the Arnica unless your doctor approves of it first though.


I wish you the best Smiley Happy 

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