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Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

What would everyone say their favorite subscription box is? And which are a waste of money? I am looking to subscribe to some more. I have had Birchbox and it started out good but then I stopped seeing brands I knew and loved. I just signed up for IPSY and am crossing my fingers I like it. Julep looks like a good deal so I think I am going to sign up for that one to.

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Thanks for the great well-written reviews, I feel like I have such good idea of which boxes to get now. You answered so many of my questions. I am the same way, I mainly want skincare and makeup, not nail polish. I ordered IPSY already and I am thinking I am also going to try  each for a month and see what I think, every box seems so different. 

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Yes I agree! Makes the decision based on mainly preferences Smiley Happy


Good luck on your sub box hunt!

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Thanks @joannimation!

I have been wondering these same things and had asked a similar question during a discussion somewhere on BT ( I need to pay more attention to what I am doing instead of shopping & talking! lol)! Thanks SO much for breaking it all down like you did. I am still a bit torn but think I am gonna go w/ either Sample Society &/ or Burch Box. Don't you get a discount 1st time around w/ Sample Society if you have a subscription to Allure Magazine & get the Allure E-Mails & what not? Either way, most appreciative w/ your breakdown of each of the company's CS & what goodies (& size/ amount) are in what and so forth! 

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Hmm I tried searching for a coupon code for Sample Society but had no luck. Maybe you could find the sub box photo sharing thread and ask people who've been subscribed longer?


Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

I'm fairly new to them but of the ones I've gotten...


Beauty Army (1 box) - I seriously do NOT recommend this one. The brands advertised were nowhere in sight in the options. I picked my first box anyway and the sample I wanted to try the most was by Juice Beauty. When I got my box, the moisturizer was expired! I did a private message with Beauty Army on facebook and sent a photo of it where it said "EXP 6/2014." They told me that Juice Beauty says that's the date I can "start" using the product and it'll be good for 6 more months. This was an absolute lie! Expired means just that. It will expire in June 2014 and despite the fact that it might still be useable, they cannot guarantee that it will continue to be safe to put on my face after the EXP date. My biggest issue with this is the fact that they knew the product was old but went ahead and sent it out anyway. If I'm going to pay $12 for a sample, I expect it to be safe to use! Not some old unwanted thing! Shows how little they care about their customers. They didn't even offer to replace it or give me an apology or anything. Can you imagine how old some of the things which don't have dates on them could be?

I cancelled my Beauty Army subscription immediately. Then I contacted Juice Beauty. Juice Beauty said the batch they gave Beauty Army was supposed to be used in April. Then they did more than I ever expected and offered to send me a replacement sample for no extra charge. They had more respect for me than Beauty Army ever did!



Birchbox (2 boxes) - I've kept them for the customer service and points system. I prefer makeup and they mostly are giving skin and hair products but I am holding out hope that maybe they'll keep improving. They added the ability to pick an item in July's box so they seem to be listening to their customers more.


Glossybox (1 box) - I've seen enough reviews on youtube plus comparing June's box and the upcoming July box with GlamGlow in it, I can say I like the sample sizes and quality. I just wish it didn't take so long to ship.


Ipsy (1 bag) - I haven't even opened it yet but I've heard a mixture of good and bad press. I will say that I was very unhappy to see a dark tanning oil in my glam room considering the fact that I am dark skinned, have that written on my profile survey, and have zero use for a tanning product. I really feel like they don't pay attention to the beauty profiles, but they have some popular brands and the monthly bags are really cute.


Beauty Box 5 (1 box) - This one has brands I've never heard of and from what I've seen online, the months seem to be hit or miss. I got an extra product in mine and the first box free so I can't really complain.


Hope this helps!

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Wow, what horrible customer service! I completely agree, if I am paying money for sample products, they need to be in-date and good quality. I won't be ordering from them. Thanks for letting me know! 

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

I've subscribed to Wantable, Glossybox, Birchbox , Petit Vour and Beauty DNA.  


My favorite so far is Beauty DNA the survey is extensive and they work with quality brands. I have had some issues with shipping but I believe they're still in beta and customer service was quick and responsive. I've only gotten two boxes with Petit Vour but so far the value has been great for the price and it's all vegan products. Birchbox is touch and go, I'm still trying to figure out what magical profile I need to get a balanced box but the point system and discount codes are amazing.


Wantable sent me expired and discontinued make-up repeatedly and lied about it. The final straw was when I got a lipstick with mold on it and the customer service rep told me it was moisture from temperature changes during shipment. Yeah, no, I know lipsticks and I know what mold spores look like. 


Glossybox has a quality box but their shipping time is horrible, customer service was bad for me as well. I would have to sent multiple messages and it took days to get an answer, when I did it was a standard reply with no resolution.

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Omg, that is disgusting! Definitley will cross Wantable off my list. Thanks for sharing that. I will have to check out Beauty DNA and Petit Vour. Thanks! 

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

I was subscribed to Beauty Box 5, and liked it, until yestarday. When I got an e-mail notifying me that they were raising the monthly box price by 3 bucks - just for Canadians! (!It was already about 13, so it's going up to 16 bucks! )What the heck?!  Here's the email I got from them:


"Although we love our neighbors up north, we unfortunately have to raise the cost of Canadian subscriptions due to increased shipping costs starting today, July 18th. The next time you are billed, you will be charged $3 more for each box.

We can't begin to tell you how much we value our Canadian subscribers and we apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately this is the only way we can continue shipping our beauty boxes outside of the United States and we don't want to lose you!

Thank you for understanding and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at or give us a call at 512-270-5110."


And here is what I wrote back:


"Hi. I want to unsubscribe from BB5. I find it humorous that you're raising prices by 3 dollars!, yet don't want to lose your Canadian clientele. By raising it that much, you might as well say hasta la vista to a lot of your Canadian subscribers. The box is usually just samples (good ones, but still samples all the same) - which is not worth $16 bucks. Awhile back, I unsubscribed from Ipsy because each box was increasingly higher in price and the products in them were unknown brands and cheap quality. But I kept BB5 because it was consistent in qualtiy and price. Not anymore. Please cancel my subscription. Thank you."

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Wow, for how much they make they should not raise the price, I am sure most of the samples they get are free or  extremely low cost to them. Thats a shame. Love your response. 

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

I have only done Birchbox and Allure. I cancelled Birchbox twice I got so upset that all they were giving is teeny tiny samples that were not my profile and you could get yourself for free walking down thee aisle of any high end store's cosmetic department. (It felt like that is what they were doing too.!) Getting free samples/charging us for them/ as a promo for their other products they care for. as get as their point system is and some of  the discounts and new products you can discover are great, feeling like I was being misled didn't sit well with me. Especially compared to Allure;s which is everything you can want. Big sam[ples great selections a bos stuffed each month with unique and satisfying tings I guarantee you , you will not have heard of yet 

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Hi, I am 52 years old and have joined 6 different beauty subscription boxes. They are in order of which I joined 1st. 1. Birchbox 2. Ipsy 3. Allure 4. Walmart (both the classic and trendsetter boxes) 6. Glossybox 7. Sephora. I love every one of my subscriptions. I would Highly recommend Walmart beauty for those on a budget. They are only 5 bucks each including shipping. You receive the box every 90 days or quarterly. All the brands are drugstore caliber but a great value of full size, deluxe trial, tiny samples, and coupons. you will receive body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, makeup, lotion, and other practical/travel friendly items. My personal favorite in the 10$ price range ( Birchbox, Ipsy, and Sephora) is Sephora. Nice trendy products mixed with high end samples. Allure is a favorite right now because they have been sending very high end items including perfume which I love. Glossybox is the most expensive for a reason. This box is lovely and filled with full size and deluxe trial samples based on your profile. Glossybox packaging is fantastic as well as the contents of each box. Keep in mind these boxes are for finding what you love. You will not love everything. don't expect treasure but experiment and have fun

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Try Allure. Very nice high end items. Most of their items are deluxe trial or full size.

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