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Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

What would everyone say their favorite subscription box is? And which are a waste of money? I am looking to subscribe to some more. I have had Birchbox and it started out good but then I stopped seeing brands I knew and loved. I just signed up for IPSY and am crossing my fingers I like it. Julep looks like a good deal so I think I am going to sign up for that one to.

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Thanks for the break down! Very helpful. I think I am going to see how IPSY is upcoming month and try out Juliep too. I was looking on Beauty Army the other day and like you said, you have to have the patience to manipulate the system til you get what you want (if there is anything good).

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

My favorite beauty sub is Wantable. I've found it to be the most customizable, by far. You don't get product types you don't want and can choose the colors you love, like or hate. It is one of the pricier ones but the brands are good to great AND they have phenomenal customer service. I'm also a huge fan of their intimates box but I don't like the accessory box.

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

The only sub I've tried is Julep, and it reminded me why I'm not much for subscription boxes. I like to know exactly what I'm buying before I get it. I got the intro box for Julep and I was thinking about accepting my first 'actual' box, but chose to cancel for budgeting reasons (and because I wasn't excited about the selection for July boxes). That said, I think the box was really super cute, it was customizable so you could choose exactly what polishes and products you wanted in your box, and the add-on options were always really nice. However, once you start raking in the add-ons, it can really become a pricey box.


Also be aware that if you sign up for Julep now, you will not be able to use a skip for six months. You will get a 50% off coupon in your first box but it's not applicable to your maven subscription.


THAT SAID if all of this is okay with you then go sign up for Julep! They have some really beautiful polishes!

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Thanks so much for telling me more about Julep! I will definitely have to do a little more looking around their site before making my decision. Over half the time I get gel pink & white nails at the salon so I'm not sure if I should subscribe - I just like hoarding nail polish I think. 

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

If someone refers you they can give you a code or something to get a free box just pay shipping. That's how I joined. I like Julep, because I was grandfathered in and can skip.

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

I'm not even grandfathered in, and I like Julep. To each their own Smiley Happy

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Thanks! One girl sent me her code fortunately. Thanks for the tip! I wish I were grandfathered in to that too. 

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

I'm pretty new to sub boxes...I've only been doing Ipsy for four months and Glossybox for three.


So far I have pretty much hated every item from Ipsy. I keep redoing my questionnaire but it does not make any difference. I think this will be my last month. The cute makeup bags have been the best thing about Ipsy so far.


I have liked Glossybox much better. Better quality items that I am more likely to want to try.


I would love to try a couple more but I don't think my pocketbook agrees! Smiley Wink 

Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

I feel like so many of the boxes have just gone down hill. I love getting little samples, but I feel like there will be so much stuff that I wouldn't use or buy again. Starting to think I should just try my IPSY box that is coming soon and then maybe cancel. I got Birchbox when it first came out and the samples were always great, but from the looks of it, it has gotten too big and they aren't giving out as many quality samples. My money might just be better spent on full-size products and getting samples form Sephora. 


Re: Best & Worst Beauty Box Subscriptions

Ipsy is one of the worst. I hear A LOT of bad things about them. One blogger got her subscription cancelled by Ipsy she "violated the terms" on their FB page. 


I'm such a party pooper lol


On the bright side, one of my friends is subscribed to Wantable and she loves it because you always get full sized products that are customized to what you like. 

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