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Best Serum for 35 Year Old?


I am trying to find a serum for my 35 yr old Husband, something that will help with dullness of skin, fine lines, and loss of firmness..  He has normal skin, And I am hoping to find a serum that he will be able to see some results quickly before he gives up on it. LOL!  I am willing to spend up to $100.

 Thank you!

Re: Best Serum for 35 Year Old?

Hi, 36 year old here with a 37 year old hubby who won't do anything too "girlie" but still loves to use all my cleansers Smiley Wink He loves how Soap & Glory Face Soap 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash leaves his skin, and I have noticed that his skin definitely looks smoother. He won't let me slather anything else on him Smiley Tongue

Re: Best Serum for 35 Year Old?

Hi jjj4evr-


I think that he might like the Lab Series Instant Skin Booster. It helps tighten the skin and absorbs quickly into the skin. The entire line is formulated for men!

<3 Melissa

Re: Best Serum for 35 Year Old?

Jack Black's Protein Booster Serum is wonderful and keeps men's skin care to the very basic!


It's packed with amino acids (building blocks for improving cellular structure and health), peptides (provide instant and long term results in plumping and firming by filling in portions of damaged collagen/elastin and boosting those areas up, increasing volume, perfect for softening lines/wrinkles and boosting firmness), fatty acids (found in your omegas, help replenish proper lipid barriers and maintain proper moisture balance and suppleness in skin), and botanical extracts to condition and soothe.



Another option is Ole Henriksen's Pure Truth Duo (which I'm a huge fan of the Truth Serum). The set comes with a facial oil and serum. The oil is more geared toward boosting radiance and warding off dull skin, but also improving the signs of aging with omegas and vitamins delivered in an oil to help allow for quicker absorption as oils are identified by the body as something familiar, thus allowing active ingredients to be utilized better. The serum also boosts radiance and helps to plump, firm, and soften lines with sodium hyaluronate, a humectant that binds healthy moisture to skin. Both are packed with vitamin C which helps to promote even and brighter skin tone and boosts collagen production.



None of the products above smell "girly" or "flowery". JB doesn't use synthetic fragrances and the Ole products have a light, citrus scent, but it's not strong.

Re: Best Serum for 35 Year Old?

I don't know how your husband would feel about using Dior One Essential but I think he'll be very happy with the results I work for  dermatologist and I know two of the other doctors that are in our office use this and yes believe or not their men. Hope this helps!

Re: Best Serum for 35 Year Old?

It's not an overly feminine bottle, I wouldn't think a man would object to it. I agree it's an amazing product!

Re: Best Serum for 35 Year Old?

Did you know Nordstrom carries a value sized version of this??

Re: Best Serum for 35 Year Old?

I wholeheartedly agree with beautylovingirl's recommendation of Dior One Essential! It's definitely worth the price tag. Also, save your receipts everytime you purchase Dior products and send it in to Dior Rewards program! Smiley Happy

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