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Best Matte Blush

Hi, I'm searching for a matte blush! I have fair skin/brown hair/brown eyes. I have several NARS (Orgasm/Deep Throat) & Too Faced Perfect Flush, but they all have shimmer in them.  I love the look, but need something sans shimmer, and a little more grown up for work.  I'm thinking something along the lines of Bobbi Brown's Apricot/Sand Pink...  but I'm really open to any brand/color suggestions for my complexion. Something classic / healthy glow.  Thanks in advance! 

Re: Best Matte Blush

have you tried any of Tarte's Amazonian Clay blushes? the pigmentation is awesome. and it's long lasting too. my favorite shades would have to be dollface and blissful. you might wanna check those out. they're matte. Smiley Happy



Re: Best Matte Blush

Alright I'm probably going to sound like a broken record here but the new blush palette that Tarte came out with has all Matte blushes and a matte bronzer. One blush, dazzled, has very minor shimmer (but no onnoxious glitter...I didn't even notice the shimmer until I realllly stared at it) Might be worth it if you want color options! 


Here are some swatches I made yesterday. I posted this picture in the September Hauls thread, but I'll repost it here. This is in natural lighting. (Dazzled is the darkest blush, the second from the left) It also includes dollface, which CzaCee recommended below.

Re: Best Matte Blush

Thank you! That was very helpful to see!

Re: Best Matte Blush

Tarte exposed for a more neutral look (good for bold lips) - its a plummy color but comes off really natural looking and I am medium beige. I also like tarte dollface for a lighter pink.


If you don't have many matte blushes but want to dabble - check out that palette below! Definitely worth it. And Tarte is one of the more natural brands. NARS blushes give me an allergic reaction. I feel good when I use Tarte products.

Re: Best Matte Blush

I love the Lorac Pro Powder Cheek Stain.  I have petal pink which is similar to the Tarte Dollface, but I like the Lorac one 10 times better.

Re: Best Matte Blush

i vote for tarte and illamasqua blushes for matte blushes. also, have you tried cream blushes? they are generally shimmer-less but give a more dewy finish.


Re: Best Matte Blush

Hi mtnlion,


My favorites are by Tarte! They look fantastic, have great pigmentation, and give the skin a stunning healthy appearance. We actually currently have a holiday blush kit in stock which is a fantastic value.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Best Matte Blush

Definitely Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes and Illamsqua! They have the most beautiful matte blushes ever! I absolutely love them! They are very pigmented and long wearing. My favorites are Tarte Blissful ( warm peach ) and Dollface ( light pink ), Illamasqua Katie ( light milky pink, and my absolute fav! ), Tremble ( light warm pink ) and Naked Rose ( soft neutral pink )! 

Re: Best Matte Blush

Wow, thanks so much for your help everyone! Wish I had found this forum years ago! I'm definitely going try both Tarte & Illamasqua. Smiley Happy

Thanks for your swatches mpolansky - very helpful!

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