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Best Makeup Products for Photography

I did some searching on the forum and did find some previous topics on this, but since they were more dated and more focused purely on foundation, I was curious if anyone's response would be different with new products having come out. I have to do a photo shoot tomorrow for an award I won and I want to make sure I don't look pale from the white cast of any SPF. I think probably 90% of my foundations have SPF, so I know those are out. I did read NARS Sheer Matte would work, but I wasn't sure if it would be too matte for a photo. I know even setting powders at times too can form the white cast. Additionally, if anyone had a color suggestions in terms of blush/shadow that'd be awesome. I clearly don't want to look overdone but want to still be able to see the makeup as well. I have a medium/tan olive complexion with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair with slight red/blonde highlights. I also own every mascara known to man, but if any one happens to think one type or a combo of mascaras really just makes your lashes very wham bam thank you ma'am, I'm open to suggestions!

Re: Best Makeup Products for Photography

Hi latinadiva,


I'd say go with Make Up For Ever's HD foundation. It is one of the top picks for makeup professionals who work on photoshoots. What I love most about MUFE's HD is the fact that it will give you that flawless airbrushed look that translates not only on camera, but will also give you perfect skin when shot in HD too! This foundation has a nice satin finish and is ideal for all skintypes.


In terms of blush and shadows I'd recommend going with something neutral! That always works, especially if you're possibly uncertain as to what you'd like to wear. \

The Lorac Pro Palette has every hue you might possibly need for neutral day or evening looks. I'd say stick with the left side of the palette for something more subtle. Pair your blush with whatever lipstick color you were thinking about. Any ideas for your lips?


Since you already own a ton of mascaras I'd just tag on a mascara primer if you have one. Dior's Mascara Primer and Serum is a quick way to add an extra oompf to your existing favorite mascaras. Just apply a few coats to bare lashes and finish it off with a few layers of your fav.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Best Makeup Products for Photography

Perfect, I have Lorac Pro! I was debating between that and any of the Naked palettes. For lips, I would probably just go neutral since that is what I'm used to. For a neutral blush (in terms of day to day at least) I've been using Too Faced Tea Rose cream blush topped with the Cocoa Rose powder blush. 


Re: Best Makeup Products for Photography

Either will work well! Neutral sounds like a good hue to go with. I'd try something with a little bit of mauve to it to go along with your blush duo Smiley Happy. Bite has some really nice soft pink nude shades.






Whimsically yours,

Re: Best Makeup Products for Photography

all of the bite beauty colors you listed are soooo pretty. I esp love Musk.

Re: Best Makeup Products for Photography

Foundations to look into:


-Smashbox (the whole line is camera-ready and friendly, even the products with SPF)



Just about anything that is topped with a HD or silica based setting powder will be camera safe as the silica spheres will diffuse and warp light around any harsh flashes or reflections from make up. MUFE, Urban Decay (Razor Sharp), Too Faced, NARS, Smashbox, and Tarte (Smooth Operator) make HD powders. For a cheap thrill, ELF makes one as well for $6. Use a fine amount applied with a fan brush or stippling brush and just sweep it onto skin, no need to buff it on like a regular powder. A FINE amount will ensure there is no white cast to skin, which occurs when too much HD powder is used/layered.


Avoid heavy mineral brands like Bare Minerals on its own (on a full frame sensor camera, blown up to full res it looks like tiny reflective fish scales on skin).


Make up for flash photography or under studio lights will generally have to be a bit heavier, so don't be afraid to apply a bit more of color products like blush or eye shadow. Avoid super glittery shadows and blushes, especially ones with chunky glitter. I think the blush combo you listed below would work well!


For mascara, I like to stick to lengthening and defining. Sometimes using mascaras that thicken will only make lashes appear dense and heavy, you want them to appear clean and actually visible so a defining formula works well.

Re: Best Makeup Products for Photography

Is that Light Reflecting Powder from NARS the HD powder you mean? Or do you mean their pressed powder is HD?


Between responses here and the people I've chatted with, the top responses seemed to be MUFE HD and MAC Studio Tech cream to powder foundation. Has anyone had any experiences with MAC Studio Tech? I had MAC makeup applied for a wedding I was in last year and I thought it looked like a ghost but I would be lying if I knew which foundation was used.

Re: Best Makeup Products for Photography

The light reflecting one (check the ingredients, silica should be within the top 3 or 5 in order for a powder to be HD and will a very soft, silky texture.


MAC is a line that does perform well on camera but regardless of brand, anything layered too thick or in the wrong shade will look off on camera. 


I've worked more than plenty of photoshoots and events with heavy flash photography and the key is getting skin to be even and set with a good HD powder as it softens the look of imperfections harsh lights can bring out. Try getting color matched and some samples from your local Sephora for MUFE, Smashbox, and even brands like Tarte or Lorac, even Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation. That way you can find a formula you're comfortable with wearing.

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