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Best FULL coverage foundations for dry to very dry skin?

Lately my skin has been dry flaky and rough around my t-zone and chin area. Some background on ma skin, it is very acne prone, it has un-even texture and alot of dark spots and hypopigmentation. So if you have any suggestions for a full coverage foundations and concealers that will not only hydrate but not cling to my dry patches. Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Best FULL coverage foundations for dry to very dry skin?

Hi Shayshay17 Any makeup will catch on the dry areas.  The fuller the coverage the more prone it will be to do that.  What are you using for skin care?

Re: Best FULL coverage foundations for dry to very dry skin?

I've been on and off proactive. but I stopped using it because it was making my dry skin even worse and I stopped using it over a month or two ago

Re: Best FULL coverage foundations for dry to very dry skin?

What are you currently using to moisturize your skin?  What issues were your experiencing that made you use proactive?

Re: Best FULL coverage foundations for dry to very dry skin?

I've been trying different things, recently I've been doing an egg and honey face mask one a week. but I started proactive because my acne had gotten so bad. and the things the dermatologist was suggesting wasn't working so we saw the commercial and decided to use it.

Re: Best FULL coverage foundations for dry to very dry skin?

You definitely need to get your skin hydrated first.  I would recommend trying an oil that will absorb into your skin quickly and Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion - Blemish Prone/Oily Skin, which will also help with a lot of the issues you have been experiencing.


Re: Best FULL coverage foundations for dry to very dry skin?

Proactiv is a very drying line of skincare. For my dry skin, it would completely pull out all of my oils. I actually love the origins line. You should look into buying their checks and balances frothy face wash. I don't find that drying at all. I use that everyday morning and night. Their Clear improvement charcoal mask is amazing. I use that 1-2x per week and it pulls all the gunk out of my pores which has dramatically helped with my acne. If you have large pores and they get clogged, they will probably turn into acne, so that mask is amazing. I also use the drink up 10 min face mask. I use that about 5x a week. I know that seems like a lot but my face has been pretty dry lately and it just works so well. My face feels so smooth and plump after I use it. I've tried both the 10 min and the over night (which sephora does not sell, but you can buy it on the origins website) and they are both amazing. Obviously the overnight is more hydrating since you're leaving it on your skin for a very long time, so I do that about 1-2x per week. Whatever days I don't use the 10 min one I use the overnight. I then use the murad post-acne spot lightening gel. This feels and smells like pure alcohol, so if you don't use a moisturizer, it will dry your skin somewhat. I use this about 3x a week. And it DOES make a difference. Then I use the perricone MD blue plasma peel. I use that every night. It exfoliates your skin over the night and makes your skin super soft and will help get rid of the dead skin that is sitting on your face. If you have dry skin, it is dead skin that hasn't been exfoliating off. Blue plasma will help to take it off. This product is VERY expensive, but it is worth the splurge! I promise! Then I use the origins make a difference plus rejuvenating moisturizer. That works amazingly as well. It has a different scent, but I don't find that it lingers and I have grown to like the scent. In the mornings I also use my clarisonic mia with the philosophy purity made simple cleanser and that will also help take off dead skin.


I know your question was about foundation, but I think skincare is SO important if you are trying to fight dry skin. No foundation will help the problems you're having. Foundation is only a temporary fix, where as skincare is the best way to get a long term treatment.


As for a good foundation, I agree with keely that the fuller the coverage the dryer it will be on your skin. I have dry skin as well and I used to need a full coverage foundation. I was so insecure about my skin, and sometimes still am, but my skincare is a worth while investment, because my skin has cleared up SO much. But, I do like the laura mercier silk creme foundation on a day I need full coverage, for an event. You have to make sure you exfoliate right before you put it on and use a heavy duty moisturizer or you will get flakes badly. But lately I have been using the benefit oxygen wow foundation and that is giving me great coverage but it isn't heavy at all. I love it. Also, you should invest in a beauty blender. Don't use brushes to apply your foundation because that will cause your dead skin to show and you will get flaky very quickly.


Also, make sure you are drinking LOTS of water. I can tell my skin is so much clearer when I am very well hydrated. So that could help you a lot.


Sorry this message is so long, but I also suffer with very dry skin and hopefully this will all help you too!

Re: Best FULL coverage foundations for dry to very dry skin?

Thank you, I've actually been wanting to pick up that argon oil. next time I'm at Sephora I will pick that up and the lotion. Smiley Happy

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