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Beauty suggestions for my 88 year old nana. :)


I'm putting together a mothers day basket for my nana who is 88. Any suggestions?

She is concerned about her brown spots but I don't want to buy anything that will be too harsh for her skin.

Anything else that you may think is a good idea? Toned down red/coral lip color, nail color, hair products, nice light smells, lotions etc. I welcome any suggestion! Thank you!!!

Re: Beauty suggestions for my 88 year old nana. :)

A bite lip color would be great! (: They've got beautiful colors and a great finish and feel wonderful on the lips. As for lotions, I recently got my Grandma the "Secret to Beautiful Hands" set from L'Occitane and she adores it. L'Occitane is lightly scented and luxurious. 

Re: Beauty suggestions for my 88 year old nana. :)

Clinique dark spot corrector, also available in kits for the price of corrector, isn't harsh at all, and can take some time to see results.


From L'Occitnae there's a brightening hand cream with spf, if she has some spots there too. They do have sets of their regular hand lotion.


Maybe the Skin Care Favorites set? It's geared towards moisturizing.


Have you seen the Meet Your Match set, it's nailpolish and lipcolor

Re: Beauty suggestions for my 88 year old nana. :)

Oooh the Meet Your Match set would be perfect. 

Re: Beauty suggestions for my 88 year old nana. :)

Awwwww!!! ^_^ What a sweet gesture!


For something gentle to treat dark spots, check out Caudalie's Glowing Complexion Set:

Caudalie - Glowing Complexion Set


It contains two treatment items, a daily serum and a mask. The products are paraben and sulfate free and Caudalie uses resveratrol, which is a powerful, yet gentle, antioxidant derived from grapes to target dark spots. The items also focus on hydrating skin, which is crucial as we age as well moisturized skin is less prone to have aging and textural factors emphasized. Squalane and emollient-based alcohols impart moisture without being greasy or heavy. The mask offers glycolic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid sourced from sugar enzymes to brighten and even skin tone. Alpha hydroxy acids also help to promote healthier cellular regeneration so the skin cells that are being removed are replaced with ones in good condition.


For lips, try a tinted balm so she gets a touch of color and gets to condition her lips. Benefit's Hydrating Tinted Balms and Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatments offer sheer color with incredible feel in a variety of colors.


Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15Benefit Cosmetics - Hydrating Tinted Lip BalmBenefit Cosmetics - Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm


The above thread is a recent one that covers the Benefit balms.


Does she have a preference for nail colors/finishes? What type of hair products does she tend to use and what's her hair type and concerns?


Depending on what type of light smells she likes, you can check into some of the below:


Clean is a brand that offers very crisp, light cotton/linen based scents that are very fresh:

Rollerball CollectionBest of Clean CoffretBest of Clean Trio


Philosophy is another line that offers very soft fragrances. These are definitely more feminine but still have an airy quality. Their Grace fragrances range from clean to delicate florals to sweeter notes as well.


Amazing Grace Fine Perfume Gift SetLiving GraceInner Grace FragrancePure Grace FragranceAmazing Grace Fragrance



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