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Beauty Blenders?

theres a website (idk if mods would let me post) but they have a 40% off deal, and they included the beauty blenders in that as well, i'd able to get 2 pro beauty blenders with a cleaner for $17! usually its $35. so regardless, does anyone have tips for using the beauty blender or reviews? 


this is also an amazing deal, i don't want to pass it up, but i have heard mixed reviews on the beauty blenders, what is the difference between the regular pink ones and the pro black ones?

Re: Beauty Blenders?

When using it with liquid foundation, I recommend dotting the foundation on your face rather than directly putting it on the beauty blender. Because if you do that, some of your foundation will always soak into the beauty blender and then you'll be losing foundation. Another is to bounce the beauty blender when blending your foundation. I see people 'swiping' the beauty blender around their face to blend their foundation and it should be blending by the 'bouncing' technique. Oh and when squeezing the water out of the beauty blender before using it, remember to really get ALL of the water out! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Blenders?

i've heard people tell me before that your supposed to leave the water in the blender otherwise the foundation sinks into it? idk

Re: Beauty Blenders?

The Beauty Blender absorbs the water, and you squeeze out the excess. You don't want it dripping wet. 

Re: Beauty Blenders?

I dont see why they wouldn't alloww you to share it. I have seen other people post pictures of sales frpm Hautelook a few times and those arent removed. Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Blenders?

Does anyone have any experience with the legit beauty blender vs. the cheap ones you can buy in the drugstore?  Is it worth it to shell out the $$ for what is essentially a sponge?

Re: Beauty Blenders?

not personally but i have seen comparison videos where the cheap ones are much harder when dabbing it on the skin. that is one of the major differences. but for the $5 that some are worth.. maybe they are worth it? not sure! I have the original BB and i am happy with it! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Blenders?

@annonymous1 you can share without including a direct link or the full web address if you really want to. 


I personally have not tried the Beauty Blenders but my understanding is that the black is the same item and texture just not in a pink color Smiley Happy


They're great to use damp (as arielaaaa said not sopping wet!)  and for an even texture with your foundation. I like to apply makeup with an HD brush and then go over it with a sponge for a softer focus effect but I do need to look into these as an all in one. 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Beauty Blenders?

Don't put the website link but you can put the name of website. I personally love the beauty blender. I have 3 of them. I've tried MAC ones but IMO, bb is way better. Hope this help hun

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