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Bb Cream vs. Foundation

HELP! I have been to Sephora THREE times this week trying to find the perfect staple for my daily make up routine. I am new to the make up world, as I never needed anything on my face until recently developing Rosacea. My face gets pink/red and bumpy from this.


The first trip I was sold Lorac foundation and neutralizer and HATED it. It showed all of my imperfections.


On my second trip I was sold Tarte BB Cream and Make Up Forever HD foundation. I liked this much better but still saw the bumps all too clearly.  And to be honest, it was a bit pricey for both of these products.


Today, I was told all I needed was a sensitive face wash for my face and since I am on a budget, Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream would do the trick for me rather than using the Tarte BB Cream and Make Up Forever foundation. I just feel like I am all over the place and am desperate for one good product that does the job. HELP!!!!!!

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

The cosmetics you use can only help out your skin to such a degree, especially if you're suffering from rosacea.


Since your skin now flushes and shows signs of inflammation, along with mild bumps (possibly as a reaction from being sensitive and exposed to irritating conditions or products), you need to also be weary of what skin care products you use.


Lines such as Boscia (preservative free and made for sensitive skin) and Murad's Redness Therapy Line (made for sensitive skin and skin prone to easy inflammation and rosacea) are great to look into help calm your skin from redness and help alleviate sensitivities.


Now, in all your visits and your ventures to make up, do you use a primer or were you ever introduced to one? Primers help provide a smooth barrier for your make up to lay on so it won't settle or cake on skin, it allows prevents issues like dry patches, redness, sallowness, oil, enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles from affecting the wear. Primers also help prevent external factors from breaking down your make up prematurely and helps provide longer wear time.


As your skin is sensitized by the rosacea, try looking into a primer from Tarte (two formulas available, one being silicone free and the other having silicone/dimethicone). Tarte offers a small trial kit for $9 that has both and an eye primer:


The primer with silicone can help form more of a suitable barrier to prevent the bumps from showing up as much through your make up, but if you prefer to be silicone free, the other is water based, also helping to even and soothe skin. The Tarte line itself is made for sensitive skin and won't have much of the preservatives or fillers in other lines.


Try pairing either primer with what you have already before investing in brand new complexion products.


If after the trial you still want to opt for a new foundation or BB cream, try looking into Dr. Jart's line as it's more suitable for sensitive skin.


Dr. Jart even has a BB trial kit:


In addition to that, the water balm now also comes in a gel formula, making it fresh and light on the skin so you don't feel like you're wearing a mask.


The Smashbox BB cream will provide more coverage out of the BB creams you've tried so you won't have to use as much to even out the redness.


If you want to opt for a foundation, try Clinique's Redness Solutions foundation. The simplified formula is suitable for sensitive skin and this one in particular is designed for redness control and relief.

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

Thank you so much. 


I was sold the First Aid Face Cleanser.  I have the Urban Decay primer but have not tried it.  Should I use that followed by the Smashbox BB cream?  Do you think it will help me with the flawless look I am seeking?

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

Depending on which UD primer you have it can make a difference. The Brightening one is water based so it will soothe and calm, but the Pore Perfecting has dimethicone so that will form more of a barrier of the bumps.


To be honest, I'm not much of a fan of either. To me there is much better on the market and the Pore Perfecting one feels a bit thick to me while I don't notice much brightening with the other, I still encourage you to try it out as that review is just based on my experiences with working with the product.



Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

Hi EIDizz, 


There isn't too much more that I can add to lylysa's suggestions for you, really great detailed tips that I know will benefit you. 


Of all the things you may want to try, a face primer with a more silicone base will be much more smoothing to help the texture of your skin from being too bumpy, and it will help your makeup to look smoother. Tarte and Korres are great and very light and more natural based so your skin may benefit better from these considering you do have rosacea.



Tarte Clean Slate

Clean Slate Flawless 12-Hr Brightening Primer



Korres Face Primer

Korres - Face Primer


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

Does the Smashbox Xamera Ready BB Cream constitute as a primer?  My main goal is to get a flawless look, with the least amount of product.



Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

Though BB creams are infused with primers, I still like using a separate one. I think multi-tasking products are wonderful, but when you expect just one product to do the job of so many, it might not be the best in where you need it to be because it's trying to deliver on so many platforms.


You can skip the primer on fast or rush make up days, but overall, a primer will give you a great first step and launching pad for a more flawless look.

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

I understand.  So in conclusion, which BB primer and which foundation is recommended for my situation?  And would this First Aid wash be necessary?


I'm obviously really indecisive and need all the help I can get!

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

The First Aid wash is a part of skin care, so I would definitely recommend sticking with that, in addition to that you can check out the lines Murad Redness Therapy (they have a great light weigh day lotion with SPF protection and a sheer green tint to help neutralize the redness) and Boscia as you start to expand and wish to invest in other products to help address the redness and rosacea.


In terms of what primer would pair up best with what BB cream or foundation, it's really going to be a trial run of personal preferences.


Like Diana mentioned, silicone/dimethicone based primers are going to really help provide that smooth barrier over the bumps, but not all people like the texture of S/D primers as some feel they are too slippery or slick. With your rosacea, some people like to stick with more simplified primers that are water based as to not feel any extra product on their skin and to not risk irritating areas.


Though BB creams won't give coverage like a foundation, BB creams with more pigment like Smashbox's version can be on the fuller coverage side of the BB world. Tarte's BB cream is infused with skin loving and nourishing ingredients, so if you pair it with a primer, you may find you like having those benefits while wearing make up.


For foundation, since your skin does suffer from rosacea, try getting a sample of the Clinique one I suggested and seeing how it sits with your skin and with different primers.


Make up is all about trials and testing out what works with your skin as it's such a personal field. Keep your eyes out for sample deals with purchases or ask for samples of items while in store to test a wider array of product without having to commit to full sizes.

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

I really do appreciate all of your time and advice.

So in your expertise, which primer or BB or foundation should I start off with?

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

I would go with the mini Tarte primer set that I linked below, for $9, you get to try two primers so it's a no brainer that you get to save a bit on money but get options.


Then I would start with the Tarte BB as you already have it. See if you like it with either primer. If you find you still want more coverage, then invest in the Smashbox BB.


If you find that you want more coverage from there but also want to treat your rosacea, then opt for the Clinique.


Go in stages from lighter formulas and finishes to fuller ones, it's better to start slow than to overpower your skin and possibly risk irritating it or just looking like you have too much on.

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

Whoah!  Don't forget that everyone, I mean EVERYONE, needs a moisturizer after cleansing.  Every day.  Even those of us with oily areas need WATER on their skin, which is what a moisturizer adds.  If someone is oily or combo, they just need an oil-free moisturizer.  


That said, I've just started using 2 products that have totally surprised me: Tarte's BB cream and Tarte's 12 hour foundation.  I've used them separately, but not the BB cream alone so far.  What I can say without hesitation is that the BB cream does add lightweight moisture without adding oils, and it makes your skin feel smoother and more flawless.  The foundation, however, is the magical finish to give a bit more coverage and really polishing your finished look off.


As a nurse, I can tell you that ANY skin condition--be it acne, chickenpox, or even a scrape--takes TIME to heal.  So, be patient and allow your skin care to soothe your skin back to its normal state.  In the meantime, try those two Tarte prodcuts.


BTW, I'm a new fan of Murad's skin care line, so I agree with the above post that they are WAY worth it!

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

Hehe, I like your enthusiam to add in your points with the "WHOAH!" Smiley Very Happy

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

Great!  Thanks all!  Now which two Tarte products?  I have the Tarte BB tinted Primer.

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

Jennypenny is referring to her trying the Tarte BB cream and the Tarte 12 Hour Foundation.


The two primers from Tarte that I recommend are:


Which is from my original post to your thread Smiley Happy

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

;Hi ElDizz,

I agree with jennypenny1995. Using a cleanser and a moisturizer will not only help in getting rid of dirt and oil, but will also help remove makeup too. I'd recommend washing your face twice daily, AM and PM. Follow each cleansing with a moisturizer. Since you do have sensitive skin I would recommend trying something from either the Boscia or First Aid Beauty brands Smiley Happy. I would also recommend applying a primer prior to using your BB cream and foundation. I too have a few skin imperfections, so this step is key in giving my face a more soft focus appearance. 

There's nothing wrong with using all three. Despite the fact that BB creams do contain a primer, I still reach for my trusty Laura Mercier primer. Since you have rosiness in your skin I would recommend giving Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish primer in green. This will help to counterbalance your skintone once you apply your BB cream and foundation. 


MAKE UP FOR EVER - HD Microperfecting Primer

Whimsically yours,

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

What is everyone's thoughts on the Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hour Perfecting Primer followed by the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation??

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

I think it's a good combination. The Amazonian Clay Foundation will give you fuller coverage than even the Clinique foundation I recommended, so it would be a matter of preference in terms of how much coverage you want to start with or experiment with.

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

I had the lady in Sephora try the Amazonian Clay on me last night, and it seemed to show my pores and it was too shiny.  It looked caked on and unnatural.


My mission continues.  Today, I purchased the Make Up Forever Microfinish green primer and the Make Up Forever HD Foundation.  I REALLY hope this is the answer!

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

What primer did you use under the AC foundation?


The HD foundation does have a satin finish to it, you can always mattify it with a bit of powder, but you can also try the MUFE Velvet Mat foundation which is full coverage and has a matte finish so there is no shine or dewiness to it. See if maybe you can try the foundations in store, even one on each side to compare.

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

They used the Perfekt primer underneath the AC foundation.



Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

The Perfekt primer might have been too light weight as it a gel formula so it might not have been effective as using a silicone/dimethicone based primer, which also helps to mattify the skin some.

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

How do you think the MUFE green primer and MUFE HD foundation will work?

Re: Bb Cream vs. Foundation

I think that combo could work very well, the S/D base of the primer will help form that barrier over the bumps, the green tint will help knock down some redness, while the HD foundation will put less emphasis on the texture of your skin and help it look smoother.


Smiley Happy


All other info is followed up in the PM to ya!

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