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Bare Minerals shade

I wear MUFE HD in 120

I would like to try Bare Minerals.  What shade would I be in the loose.  Also if I were to try the new "Ready" what shade.  I did try the golden medium in this one.  I was told to go up in color because it applies lighter.  But way too yellow.  So suggestions, aside from the obvious of going back to a store would be helpful.  I would prefer to just order.  Thanks

Re: Bare Minerals shade

By chance have you checked out the actual Bare Minerals on Sephora page? It has a wonderful visual line up of not just the product color but also women and what shade they wear to help better identify with a shade:


Try either Golden Fair or Light.

Re: Bare Minerals shade

Hi Sammy1430,


The link that Lylysa should be really helpful! The Make Up Forever foundation you are using is a yellow based foundation however, if you want something a bit more beige, I suggest the Medium Beige - for medium skin with neutral undertones and the Medium Beige - neutral tone in the Ready foundation will be a good match! It has an even balance of pink and yellow tones.

Re: Bare Minerals shade

I use med beige in bare minerals, but the matte which is ever so slightly darker than the original for some. i wore the original way back in the same shade and it was fine. Also I wear 120hd. and ready golden tan --- didn't find an exact shade in that.  its about a little less than a  half shade dark, med beige i found paled me out in the ready. so i use a fluffy brush and apply little or no bronzer when wearing it. I don't find it noticeably dark either.


I tested the BE shades in Sephora and picked up golden fair for my friend to try, she is fair and i am light-med neutral to yellow undertones. that and light are way too light for me and the golden medium pulled too yellow when i blended it out. 

Re: Bare Minerals shade

Hi sammy1430,


I second what Lylysa has told you Smiley Happy. That link is very helpful if you're a  bit uncertain as to what shade you will be.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Bare Minerals shade

Always no matter what they say if you have any doubts do the Medium Beige over 70% of us are going to use that color. So medium beige would be the right color in both the loose and the ready. Hope this helps!

Re: Bare Minerals shade

I agree with beautylovingirlSmiley Happy!

<3 Melissa

Re: Bare Minerals shade

Yep it's true, med beige covers a lot of people.   Also what are your other shades if you wear powder/pressed foundations ?

Re: Bare Minerals shade

You guys are awesome!

med beige it 


only other foundation is NC 25 Mac 

Re: Bare Minerals shade

It's fine I think the Med Beige is going to be just fine. Also you may already know this but just wanted to let you know the ready foundation is more hydrating so if you have combo/oily skin you may want to get the loose.

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