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Bad color match

So yesterday I went to Sephora and the sales girl I used the new IQ machine on me, after it gave her the  # I went ahead and bought the Kate van d foundation& powder, and the mufe foundation in the colors that were recommended for me, well when I got home and tried those colors on I looked like oompa-loompa the colors were so off that I can't believe that the IQ  came up with these numbers for me, what should I do now ?

anyone had the same problem ?

Re: Bad color match

If you can travel back to the store, you should exchange the items for better matches. I personally don't return things often because I take responsibility for my own choices- right or wrong. However in this case-- it's totally not your fault if the device matched you wrong. The person helping you should have done a sanity check by at least looking at the testers.

Re: Bad color match

Wanted to add--- I've seen posts from others saying that the instore device isn't always spot on. Since an associate has to help you use it to begin with, that's why I think they should follow up by double checking with the actual product tester.


I haven't used the instore device BUT I have had good luck with the Pantone Color IQ here online. It can tell you your shade in several brands by using your current foundation shade. I've also had good success using it to go a shade darker which is great for me in the summer since I spend time outdoors. (It goes lighter also)  

Re: Bad color match

I have NEVER found my shade of foundation nor nothing, I have given up completely! Smiley Sad I dont even look anymore!

Re: Bad color match


I'm shocked. YOU don't have a great foundation? I'm sad. Let's work on that! (not in THIS thread- but seriously, let's work on it)

p.s. My neck is waaay lighter than my face.

Re: Bad color match

Nope! I have the Nars Sheer glow, but it is too light, i have the Nars tinted moisterizer, but it gives off the white cast due to the SPF, along with my tarte bb cream! i have tried smashbox, MUFE face & body, and ughhh... i have just been disapointed and decided to give up!


And i would've thought it wouldve been easier for me since i dont need that much coverage! 


and really? your neck is lighter than your face! I usually see everyone on youtube (where i notice on most people) that they have darker necks than their face. but it may be because they put sunscreen on their face. Somehow, it never comes to mind to put sunscreen on my neck! 0.o

Re: Bad color match

You are right ! but I don't know how the iQ machine  can be so wrong, when its job is to give you the color match according to your skin tone,and it's not even near my color, 

Re: Bad color match

I understand why you're frustrated !

Re: Bad color match


I had no idea that the IQ Pantone could make mistakes, the sales girl said it the only thing that will know for sure the persons color match, do you have any idea how excited I was to try this , I am sick and tired of buying makeup that looked good in the store but at home or outside I look like a hot mess.

i hope one day I will get colored matched right 

Cross your fingers for me :-(

Re: Bad color match

I also wanted to add do you check the IQ on the face or on the neck , the sales girl checked my neck ,not the face not that it matters because the color was off for the face and neck, but I was wondering if I go to Sephora to do the returns , should I have them try it on the face this time ?

Re: Bad color match

I would probably use the testers myself and locate the color that you just tried out, then eyeball a color that is appropriately lighter and less warm/orange than the one that didn't work.  That's what I would do.

Re: Bad color match

the reason they matched it to your neck is because your neck is always darker than your face, and usually you want a foundation to match with your neck. If you get a shade that matches your face, your face will look too white compared to your neck. That is why usually people blend the foundation or bronzer down their neck so that you have an even color! 


Re: Bad color match

Thanks ladies, great advise, I hope I will find one color that matches my face ,my neck, anything I just want to find a color that matches something Lol!!!

it would be nice to know that there is one color out there that matches my skin tone ( you would think) I will keep searching until I get it, in the mean time my make-up draw will have to keep getting fuller, and I will add to my collection of makeup that's not wearable ;-(.

again, thanks for all your help ladies.

Re: Bad color match

Im with you girl! I still havent found my shade!

Re: Bad color match

Don't be silly.  Sephora has an excellent return policy, and you bought expensive makeup.  Take advantage of it.  It doesn't do you any good to have it sitting in a drawer.  And you'll be happy with something that suits you better. 


If you're close enough to go back to a store, get samples of a bunch of different types of makeup.  Try it at home and then go back and get the right color or order it on-line.


I tried the system in store and because of the redness of my skin it came up with a very yellow toned color.  The sales associate working with me tried the first match and it was definitely too light.  I'm not sure I like the second option because it took all of the redness out and doesn't look like me.  But she gave me a sample and I can try it out again at home to see how I do with applying it and how it looks at home.


They really should be good with giving you samples to try out in your own lighting.

Re: Bad color match

well that is all relative. My neck is lighter than my face. Some people will have their chest and arms darker than their face so they will match it to that. i just try to get it within the area and blend down my neck. My hands and arms are also more yellow and a little darker than the rest of me

Re: Bad color match

My person did both, I believe it was one click on each cheek and one on the neck? I wonder if the machine accidentally catches a dark spot if it is what messes everything up for some people?

Re: Bad color match

lol ive been color matched with the IQ machine two separate times ( at different locations). the 1st time I was matched with about 7 different foundations, and out of the 7 I picked 1 a Lancôme one. I bought it because I thought it was my "perfect match" (I was matched with the lightest color). Well I got home and put it on the next day, and it was dark pink on my skin! It looked horrible. I took it back, and got a 2nd color match. This time I only had 1 was the SAME foundation that I was returning that day!!! All I could do was just laugh.


I don't think this "Color IQ" machine works that well...My cousin was also color matched, and her color was about 4 shades darker than her skin tone.


Its a fun idea, but I think it needs to be tweaked more for it to work better lol.

Re: Bad color match

When I tell you how bad my color match was ,that when I put on the foundation  that I got matched to. My husband came home as I was finishing to put on the foundation and he said and I quote " what happened to you ,you look like a different person , I had to double check the address to make sure I walked into the right house" Lol!!! Can you imagine.

the problem is that the sales girls are not matching me right, and the machine isn't either, I just don't know what to do I have about 8-10 foundations in the draw that I can't use,at this point I don't know what will work for me anymore,once I was color matched cool undertones , warm undertones, now I think I was matched orange( yes believe me !) I can't keep up anymore,and my wallet can't either,  no wonder I'm a VIP ROUGE,who wouldn't be with so much makeup just sitting around in the drawers. Lol !!!!

i want to know did anybody get a good color match with the new IQ MACHINE ?

Re: Bad color match

I haven't been color matched by the machine, but thankfully twice in my life I've been given really good foundation matches from Sales people.  


I have found that if you do have a foundation that works really well for you putting it in on the color iq page has given me more, and still accurate, matches.


When I put in my current foundation, the color of my previous foundation comes up as a match, which makes me somewhat confident in the system.  

Re: Bad color match

thats what i did, i go by one i have and see what it lists for me

Re: Bad color match

I actually had a pretty good experience. Did everyone take off all their makeup as well before they did the test? Then my MA helped me put on two different foundations from the list and they both matched! Even though they did not look like they would from the bottle...


I wanted to get the kat Von d foundation, got two different shade samples but they were not on my list. and they really didn't match. Unfortunately I don't think there is a kat Von d one that matches me Smiley Sad 


ive kind just stuck to one shade fits all/the light-medium-dark foundations. I've never been properly shade matched before, even at mac, before the iq thing.

Re: Bad color match

I had a good experience too! The lady told me to take off my makeup, and she used the machine, and she applied a BB Cream and the BareMinerals foundation I wanted to try for me. It looked good, and she had me step away from the lighted mirror and look at it to make sure it looked good on me. I never would have picked out that shade on my own, and it looks so natural on me! I love the Color IQ match.

Re: Bad color match

My Sephora doesn't have the Color IQ machine.  However, I tried the Color IQ on-line.  It came back with a real hodge-podge of colors!  I'm with @jenblush, I've pretty much given up on finding a foundation that matches.  I thought this new technology would work, but it sounds like neither the in-store machine, nor the on-line gadget does a very good job.

Re: Bad color match

Hi beutifyme123,


I often find that MUFE and KVD products can be a tad bit difficult to match correctly. I almost always will request a couple of samples of a new foundation color to test out for several days before purchasing a shade.


I'd recommend going back and trying shades in a different color family, it sounds like you may have yellow undertones.

Whimsically yours,
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