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So I got a Sephora brush a while ago. Its the Pro stippling #44. And sheds like CRAZY!!!!! I have tried everything. Liquid, powder, cream name it I've tried to use this brush for it. I use it very gently. But I just look like I have a black beard!! HELP MEE!!!


I have that one too.  Luckily I don't seem to have the MAJOR shedding problems that many report in the review, but if I had read the reviews before buying it in store I never would have spent that amount of $$$ on it!!  Mine sheds, but only rarely.

Are you anywhere in the return window?  Sephora has to know this brush is pretty crappy and I'm sure they wouldn't be shocked if you returned it.


I was going to but I got this brush a little while ago. I'll see if I can still return it. I just wanna try to save this brush because I spent so much on it.Smiley Sad


Hi beutifullover,


I also have the Pro Stippling Brush #44 , but I havent had any issues with it shedding.  I would suggest giving it a good washing to get rid of any stray hairs.  Also, remember to dry it with the bristles facing downward, so water doesnt get into the ferrule & weaken the glue Smiley Happy  Hope that helps!


xo, Mia


I have done that yet shedding is still heavy.



Oh no I HATE when that happens I bought a MAC stippling brush and it was expensive and it sheds like crazy, no amount of wasking has fixed it either.  I can't use it and that makes me sooo mad. I have just come to accept that shedding happens to some brushes. UGH what a travesty sorry your brush is shedding and hopefully you can return it and get a new one that does not shed. I hate picking little brush hairs off my face very annoying!!!


@Beutifullover- If you are not happy with the brush. I suggest contacting your local Sephora Store to see if you can exchange it!:

<3 Melissa
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