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BLACKHEAD removal?

I've noticed nasty blackhead spots on my entire nose recently Smiley Sad They bother me so much!


I use Purity (which seems to dry my skin out more than anything) and I use Biore strips on occasion (don't really work that well, maybe gets a couple at a time).


Is there any DEEP CLEAN products that will get under the skin surface? I feel like most products I use just wash off the superficial layer & dries out my skin. I need a product that will loosen all the GUNK out from underneath. I'm super desperate... I was considering using an extractor.


Thanks in advance!

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

i have a lot, a lot of blackheads. the white glam glow  mask does an amazing job for me.

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

what's the difference between the black and white one?

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

for me I have to use a combination of strategies, but over a few months I find my blackheads are now much reduced!


1. exfoliation, chemical and manual (without overdoing it)

2. gentle 'extraction' of those are ready to come out (again really gentle)

3. good facewashing DAILY and for sure every night before bed to help prevent new


My clarisonic, religious nightly through facewashing and treatment, my DDG Alpha Beta peel pads, and overnight retinol serum have all loosened and help me get ride of my blackheads.


Also, after exfoliation, clay masks work well for a boost and to draw out -- I agree that glam glow is good, and Kiehl's clay mask. 

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

I recently started trying the Murad Blackhead Remover & Pore Refining Sealer. I went for a facial and was given a sample of it. I have seen improvement, but I'm still looking for alternatives. I have large pores and unless I can get them to shrink, I'll forever have problems with blackheads. Stop by Sephora for a sample.

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

thanks for the suggestion! i will check it out!

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

thanks for sharing I have been curious about this Murad Duo!

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

The strips won't get all the gunk out, and not the best product. What's you're skin type? I use purity and it doesn't dry me out (combo skin).


After you're pores are opened, after a hot shower or taking a hot towel and holding on the skin until it's cold, use a mask while the skin is moist. Origins Clear Improvements is charcoal based and can be used only where needed. I always remove masks with a tepid cotton round.

A clay mask will also work..there's also clay in Origins.


When the pores are opened, you can try to push the gunk out, do so lightly or you can hurt the skin...same with an extractor.

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

I agree about the strips. I usually use the strips after I shower, but this gunk is like DEEP in there.. I can't "lightly" push it out. How gross Smiley Sad

I have dry & sensitive skin. 


What is the difference between the charcoal and clay masks?

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

I also am sensitive. Noticed you mentioned using Korres wild rose, since you're dry, have you tried their greek yougrat line? I find the W.R. 24hr too hydrating, so may that may be good.


To answer charcoal and clay differences:


  • Activated charcoal also works wonders for the skin when applied topically: it keeps skin clear by acting as a magnet to draw dirt out of pores. It not only clears pores but also improves skin-tone by removing dry patches.
  • Active Charcoal

    Charcoal absorbs 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities. Charcoal is also known to produce negative ions which have a peaceful, calming effect - to soothe your mind as you thoroughly care for your skin.

    • China Clay (as in Origins)

      One of the gentlest & most effective clays, it has excellent absorbent properties. It is often used to draw out impurities & toxins. It clears the skin of excess oil, dirt, pollutants & other waste materials. (different brands use different clays but they are similar in purpose)

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

I really think something with salicylic acid that you leave on your face will help. I find treatments, cleansers, and masks only temporarily help. Leaving this on your skin will help keep them from building back up during the day. I've tried quite a few but recently sampled some from Paula's Choice which I thought were really good and didn't make my makeup look funny. They have a good assortment of these at different consistencies and percentages. They are also reasonably priced around $20. If you would like to try before you buy you could contact them like I did and they will send you some samples.  

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

I thought salicylic acid was for acne treatment? It tends to dry me out Smiley Sad

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

do you have a clarisonic? Maybe get one? What is your routine before sleeping? whats your skin routine before the day?

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

I do not have a clarisonic.

Night time: Take off my makeup with a kate somerville product. I usually use Purity as a cleanser or Korres Wild Rose. Moisturize with Korres wild rose night treatment.


Day time: MUFE elixir, Kate somerville goat milk lotion before make up.



Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

Are they blackheads or sebaceous filaments? 


 My reply was edited for a non-Sephora link. Check out /r/skincareaddiction on Reddit.

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

Omg... I think they might be sebaceous filaments instead!! But they seemed to have enlarged a bit over the last few months, which I think is kind of weird. But they are very uniform and just on my nose.


What can I do to treat them??

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

Check out my comment above.  I never knew mine were SF and not blackheads.  However, clarisonic, religious daily cleansing without skipping, acids and retinols have all helped.  Nothing perscription, just OTC strength.


Dr. Dennis Gross X strength alpha beta peels pads are my absolute fav for all skin woes.

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

i have just started fighting the same thing and like you i thought it was blackheads. . . now i'm thinking sebaceous filaments (thanks for the heads up sara!). i bought the dr dennis gross alpha beta peel - love it! minimizes my pores.  i also got the origins Clear Improvements charcoal mask - that has really done the trick.  you can see the filament rise to the top as it cleans out your pores. i have sensitive skin that borders on normal to dry.  my nose has gotten a little dried out but as long as i moisturize (i use origins nightamins) i am fine


good luck!

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

I completely agree with this, I know I thought these were blackheads when I was younger. 

If you do in fact, have blackheads I also suggest Ole Henriksen's Power Peel, it is great for clearing congested skin right up!

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

Huh! Never knew THIS (seb fil.) is what I have, not blackheads.


The one thing I would say is that it's not as hopeless as a lot of the info about SF says, here and elsewhere.


I do find that AHA and BHA acids help keep them to a minimum, as do retinoids.


My Clarisonic and thorough religious nightly cleansing have also helped.  I would say a significant 50% + improvement over two months with most "still gone", so that's pretty good.  


Generally I did/do find they like to fill back up, but with clarisonic, acid and retinol use many 'stay gone' now.

Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

I have had gross blackheads on my nose forever. This year I found 2 products that are actually effective. The first is Philosophy Miracle Anti-aging Retinoid Pads and Solution. I buy these in the gift sets and cut the pads in 1/4. They last 2 months that way.  These things transformed my skin in many ways (even tone, wrinkles, age spots, firmness) and also my blackheads were reduced by about 60%.  I have recently added Murad's pore and blackhead clearing duo for a couple of weeks and now think I am at 80-90%.  The key is you have to keep using the products though. 


Re: BLACKHEAD removal?

Ya, I have that problem too...I want to try the Proactiv one, but I don't got the money right now and idk If if it works. I know the Clean and Clear that I tried because my sisters was bugging me and saying not nice things about it, sucks. So I'm curious too....

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