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BB cream for men with bad acne?

Ok so I have bad cystic acne and I'm a guy , and I would like something to cover it up since i have a lot of red marks too , I'm using accutane at the moment so my skin will be really dry .

I was thinking about order the Smashbox BB cream but I heard that it gives a good coverage and since I'm a guy I don't want people to notice that I'm wearing any make-up , Please help


Re: BB cream for men with bad acne?

Hi KyI3,


I have personally used the Smashbox BB cream and it does provide a lot of coverage. It does look very natural on the skin and it also has a dewy finish. A small amount (about a dime size) is enough to cover the entire face, just make sure you blend it in all the way to prevent streaks.


Another option, would be the Dr. Jart+Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm. Its formulated for people with acne prone skin and it also helps to lighten scars.


Dr. Jart+ - Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm

You can also use a full coverage concealer like the one from Make Up Forever. Its waterproof and blends into the skin evenly.


MAKE UP FOR EVER - Full Cover Concealer

<3 Melissa

Re: BB cream for men with bad acne?



Yeah Smashbox B.B. cream has the most coverage out of all the bb creams and is a great product. For sure you will have great benefits with it being oil-free, coverage, and instant smooth.


I woudl also suggest a tinted moisturizer as a second option. Josie Maran Tinted moisturizer is great too because it's all natural and has argan oil which is known to be healing to the skin. This is a little bit more on the hydrating side, which would be good if the acutane is causing any dryness.


if not, then the Smashbox would be a great option.


Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer

Josie Maran - Tinted Moisturizer


Hope that helps. Private message me if you have any other questions.


Re: BB cream for men with bad acne?

How noticeble is the coverage?

I want something where u can't really tell that I'm wearing any make-up 

Is Josie Maran Tinted Moisutize noticeble?

Re: BB cream for men with bad acne?

Hi Kyl3,


Tinted moisturizers are very light and barely noticeable.  It's perfect for evening out your skintone.  if you're worried about it showing up too much on your skin, you might want to try a spot concealer instead.  I really like the Murad Acne Treatment Concealer.  I actually had a bad breakout recently and have been hunting for something to cover it up without looking really heavy... this works great!  I tried it in the store a few days ago and love it.  AND it helps to heal the acne as well!  Definitely give it a try Smiley Happy


Murad - Acne Treatment Concealer


Hope that helps!


xo, Mia

Re: BB cream for men with bad acne?

I would give it a try , but at the moment I'm takeing accutane and that dryes out my skin and makes it very fragile , and I can't use products that have Salicylic Acid or medicine for acne .

U think smashbox bb cream would be a good choise?

Re: BB cream for men with bad acne?

Hi Kyl3,


I would recommend grabbing up a few samples at your local Sephora of these products. Both the Smashbox and the Josie Maran and pretty undetectable. You might also want to try Calm, Cool, and Corrected by Dermadoctor to take down redness and hydrate your skin. It is great for sensitive skin and definitely takes the redness down significantly.


Dermadoctor - Calm Cool & Corrected

Good luck!



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