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BB, CC....I don't get it?

I have really wanted to love BB and CC creams, but I just don't get them!  I would never use one as a primer, because that would feel like too much on my face under a foundation.  When I have worn them alone, there isn't enough coverage and the color is difficult to match!  So- what are they mainly used for?  


I have acne prone skin and hate the feel of heavy make up (I'm a special ed. teacher, and heavy make up for work isn't practical).  I really wanted to love BB creams cause they seemed right up my alley.  


So now I am in the market for a new summer foundation, and I am so confused about what to buy.  Is there a BB/CC cream that matches skin tone and is good for acne prone indivs.?  Should I even use one or a tinted moisture?  


Please help ladies...I go shopping this weekend, and I like to have a plan before I go into the store.  If not I buy something silly, and leave without what I intended to buy!

Re: BB, CC....I don't get it?

BB/CC aren't for everyone.


I'm finally on the TM bandwagon myself and love the formula of Bobbi Brown Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer.  It provides enough coverage for work, but is enough for the sticky summer days.


Keep in mind that the Korean BB creams are more like what you're looking for- the US ones are TM on steroids, IMO.

Re: BB, CC....I don't get it?

Hi Veritabelle, BB creams have very sheer coverage with a lot of good-for-your-skin ingredients.  Since your skin is acne prone, I would suggest trying Dr. Jart Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm or Dr. Brandt BB Matte With Signature Shinerase.


I use the Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 15 on top for added coverage while still looking very natural. 


Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: BB, CC....I don't get it?

I think it depends on the coverage you want.  I wear foundation once a month at most, probably more like once every two months.  The match for me in the Dr Jart BB cream is very good and that's what I usually wear.  They aren't for everyone and not every BB cream has the same color.  For me they are plenty of coverage.


If you're going to the store, why don't you get them to give you several samples.  Or have them color match you.  Go there first if you have several shops to hit.  Then see a bit later (and in different light) how something looks before you actually buy it.


Or talk to them about lightweight foundations as well.  You might find they just suit you better.

Re: BB, CC....I don't get it?

From the American BB/CC creams I've tested, it seems like they're just a repackaged tinted moisturizer.. if you're looking for coverage and skincare benefits, you might want to look into Asian BB creams. They have all sorts of different coverages, finishes, and skincare benefits, including anti-aging, whitening, and SPF. 


Otherwise, if you're looking for real coverage, I'd stick with tinted moisturizers or lightweight foundations. 

Re: BB, CC....I don't get it?

Do you have a Korean brand in mind?

Re: BB, CC....I don't get it?

Have you read the ingredients, all of the BB/CC creams do have more beneficial ingredients than just a Tinted Moisturizer. 


Re: BB, CC....I don't get it?

Do you use a primer now?


You mentioned not wanting to use BB/CC as a primer.  That got me thinking- do you have a primer you like now?

Re: BB, CC....I don't get it?

I only use a primer when I really want to look put together.  I use one called flawless and poreless by Pixi.  

Re: BB, CC....I don't get it?

Both BB and CC cream benefits your skin, they're more of skincare base but still can be used as foundation/tinted moisturizer. Some us BB/CC as primer under their foundation and that usually more of a fuller coverage. 


If you dont like the feel of heavy makeup then BB/CC and TM would be a great option. Are you looking for coverage or more of something that is good for acne prone skin?


Since it is summer and things just melt off our face, I like to use a BB cream since between BB and CC cream, BB tends to offer more coverage yet doesn't feel heavy as a foundation. I like to prime and then use Dior BB Cream. Usually that would be enough unless I need to conceal certain spots, then I would use a concealer. I also set that with a powder.


Most BB and CC cream come in light, medium, and dark. Some also come in universal shades as well.   





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