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Application Techniques For Applying Primers/Skincare

Hey Girls, 


So I would like to know if there is any specific techniques needed to apply skincare/primers or any other products aside from foundation. If so will it make the products applied ontop last longer or help it from going blotchy or messy ?.

Re: Application Techniques For Applying Primers/Skincare

I apply my primer with a flat foundation brush.  I seem to use much less and I get a more even application.  I've found since starting this, my foundation isn't as cakey as it had been in certain spots.

Re: Application Techniques For Applying Primers/Skincare

Hey BeautyJunkie,


I apply my primer with my fingers and it does well to hold the makeup but some caking will happen no matter what. 

Re: Application Techniques For Applying Primers/Skincare

I use the hourglass primer and just use my fingertips as it just glides along so smoothly. I guess it depends on the consistency of the product as to how brushes apply it. You can always experiment and track your results. I know that sounds nerdy but that's a good way to remember your best looks. Smiley Happy

Re: Application Techniques For Applying Primers/Skincare

I use the Hourglass primer too which I have found is the best primer thus far. I may get into a bit of a primer frenzy and test different ones as well. 

Re: Application Techniques For Applying Primers/Skincare

Traditionally, primers are applied with your fingers like with skin care products. Try to use fine/delicate and even pressure when applying, more so "smoothing it" onto skin rather than rubbing or pushing it onto skin.


Brushes can be used, I find that soft, synthetic brushes tend to be better for the job as it won't "absorb" your primer/product.


The majority of primers on the market are silicone/dimethicone based primers and if too much product or pressure is used (start off with the size of a pea and add a bit more from there if needed or on specific/target areas) the primer will "bead up" or "roll up" on itself, flaking off skin. This can also occur if the moisturizer you use is too rich and wasn't allowed to sink in and absorb into skin prior to applying primer. I find this can occur with cream based primers as well (for example, Korres' Pomegranate Primer, it's silicone/dimethicone free, but I peg the few times it has flaked due to the fact it does have that creamy/lotion-like consistency and was layered too quick over my face lotion).


If you're trying to tackle specific target areas such as spots with large pores or even fine lines, apply a touch of primer on fingers and pat, dab, and more so "press" it into skin so the product is more so "laid" in place rather than distributed over a larger span of area, it's more concentrated that way.


Try not to overwork primer or skin care products in general, you don't want a build up of oils from hands/fingers to end up mixing in and disrupting the wear of the products just because you were rubbing your face like crazy.


Application of your foundation and rest of cosmetics need to also be accounted for if you're suffering or noticing blotchiness or caking. Be mindful of how much product you use, how it's applied to skin, and how it's distributed on skin as well.

Re: Application Techniques For Applying Primers/Skincare

I use my fingers to apply primer, the warmth of my skin helps the formula melt into my skin and it doesn't make the application look streaky or blotchy. I use the Tarte perfecting primer which has a clear silicone formula so it disappears into my face. I can put cream, powder, or liquid foundation on top of this primer and it works great with whatever I use. There is no mess because there is no color or runny formula and there is no blotching because the primer doesn't start drying up and making weird spots on your face since it is basically only going to set once you top it off with something.

Re: Application Techniques For Applying Primers/Skincare

One of the most important things I've learned/picked up is to pat in my moisturizer and serum. I put it on my fingers and after I make sure to spread it on my face, I like to pat it into the skin. I believe Clarins' in the company that I first read about this method from in terms of moisturizer but as for patting in serum, I picked that up from a Japanese brand!


Another tip is to let my skincare and primer sink into my skin properly before I apply anything else. I wait at least 20 minutes from when I apply my moisturizer to when I apply sunscreen/primer. Then I typically wait another 5 minutes after that to do my foundation. 


Re: Application Techniques For Applying Primers/Skincare

Whatever you do, don't mix your primer with foundation in hopes of saving an extra step of the routine. Bad advice, Makeupbytiffanyd!


I typically do serum (usually doubling as a moisturizer), then primer (Hourglass most days of the week), then foundation. Blot the foundation first with tissue to absorb any extra oil and then set/powder Smiley Happy

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