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Anyone Use Retinol Eye Cream During the Day?

Howdie!  I have Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoids Eye Repair Cream, I think it says to use day and night but is having retinol around your eyes a good idea during the day? I have good SPF products but am not sure I want to get them close to my eyes to block the retinol.


Does anyone have experience with retinol eye product use during the day? Would love to hear!

Re: Anyone Use Retinol Eye Cream During the Day?

Hi SydBristow,


I prefer not to use products that contain Retinol during the day, mainly  because it makes my skin sensitive.  Direct sun exposure isnt really recommended when using anything with Retinol.  You can use they eye cream, with proper protection.  Apply your sunscreen & wear sunglasses if you are out in the sun, or forgo the product all together if you are laying out on the beach Smiley Wink  


xo, Mia

Re: Anyone Use Retinol Eye Cream During the Day?

I've read some recent literature that sort of defies the lore that you can't wear retinol during the day (cannot cite, sorry).  So, I've been slowly starting to use the occasional serum here and there in the morning, but not religiously.  I haven't been adversely affected, but it's very soon and I don't do it all the time.


What kind of sunscreen do you use?  A chemical or physical barrier?  I prefer physical barriers, such as zinc and titanium dioxide, because I hate the way chemical ones feel, ESPECIALLY if they get in the eye.  Something like Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protector for the face  Neutrogena also makes a pretty great dupe.  I've found it much safer to use around the eyes.

Re: Anyone Use Retinol Eye Cream During the Day?

Occasionally I go ahead and use it during the day.  When I go outside I make sure to wear sunglasses that provide UV protection.

Re: Anyone Use Retinol Eye Cream During the Day?

I use Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol eye serum morning and night and I have had no problems with my fair skin. I use a face primer with an spf and I use that primer on my eye area too.  The Philosophy product you use contains a retinoid that is relatively mild so if you follow  Mia's advice about how to protect yourself and you should be fine. BTW I would NOT use a prescription retinol during the day.  That product is much stronger and could definitely cause problems in the sun. 

Re: Anyone Use Retinol Eye Cream During the Day?

Thanks for the input! I may give it a try. I use Skinceuticals Physical UV Defense. I can also be sure to have UV blocking sunglasses on hand at all time. Smiley Happy


Really grateful for all of the feedback! Thank you!!

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