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Any suggestions??/

My mother in law is in her 40s and I plan to gift her the Naked Basics but, I don't know what else to add on. Any suggestions? Thanx

Re: Any suggestions??/

What are you getting these for? Since you are getting her the palette I agree with everyone else about the brushes. Also maybe a mascara and neutral lipstick to complete her set.Smiley Happy

Re: Any suggestions??/

I would suggest a lip product! Also, do you know what lip products she uses (i.e Lip glosses, lip stick, those kinds of things)? It would be easier to narrow it down from there. 

Re: Any suggestions??/

Is she adventrous? then get her a value kit of eyes/face/lip products, whatever she's interested in.


Does she like designers/luxe products? Dior eyeshadows and YSL lipstick/balms are gorgeous.


Does she like perfumes? Sephora have perfume sampler where for $X you get half dozen or so perfume samples, find the one you like and get a full size of that instore (full size that is approx the cost of $X).

Re: Any suggestions??/

Since your getting her a small pallete you might want to get her maybe a small brush set and a mascara to go with it.

Re: Any suggestions??/

Oh I second a brush set!! There's always the risk that they don't like the make up color/texture, but a pretty set of brush is universal. Sephora brushes are pretty good quality, looks pretty, and are not expensive.

Re: Any suggestions??/

I agree too! If not Sephora's brushes, I love Real Technique. They have an eye starter kit that comes with 4 brushes and a case. So easy to use. Plus it is only 17.99

Re: Any suggestions??/

I agree with the people that said a brush set. Ecotools and Real Techniques have amazing brushes and sets and they are 20 bucks or less! I would also suggest an eye primer.( I like Too Faced Shadow Insurance)

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