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Any Advice?

Hey ladies! I need help. I have extremely dry, fair skin. I am currently using Lancome's Tie Idol 24 hr foundation and I thought I liked it but I just feel like it dries me out. I have roscea, lots of freckles, some discoloration caused by my birth control and (genetic) dark circle under my eyes. I need help finding a full coverage foundation for extremely dry skin with all my imperfections. I also have naturally curly hair which was turned orange 2 weeks ago by a bad stylist. I went in for highlights and came out crying. I put a dark brown all over it and it was still orange so a week later I went to have it fixed and it is better but not exactly right. Anyway, after having all this done, my curls don't seem as curly and my hair seems limp. Is there anything I can do? What do you recommend for shampoo and conditioner? Please tell me it will come back and that I haven't ruined it forever......Please help!!!!

Re: Any Advice?

Hi Jessica! 

First of all, you are lovely and personally I love your freckles.  :-) 


I have slightly combination skin mostly dry (to the point of flaking) with slightly oily eyelids and nose.  

I understand your need to find a foundation that provides full coverage.  I too have been in search of a full coverage foundation.  I've tried just about every foundation on the drugstore shelf and I've purchased many high-end products as well.  Ironically I received my Sephora order last week with the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H in addition to Kat Von D Lock It Tatoo Foundation. The latter is the best foundation I've ever used.  Seriously, it does as promised.  Full coverage without the dryness.  I highly recommend it but I do moisturize before applying.


For your areas of redness, Kat also makes a Tatoo Concealer which I've just ordered.  At present I use Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer.  Creaseless (under the eyes) it is not.  For the record I have yet to find any concealer or brightner that is truly creaseless.  But the Tarte product does a great job of coverage and really is super for that purpose.  Just a tiny bit goes a long, long way.  I have a few spider veins on my cheeks and I've patted it on before applying foundation.  It did a good job hiding the veins considering my  Makeup Forever HD foundation didn't give the coverage I needed.  I liked the Lancome Teint 24H too but like you I found it to be dry.  Regardless I'm going to keep it for those Summer days when my oil glands are working overtime!

My favorite cleanser is Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser and I follow up with Loreal Hydrafresh Toner to remove the last traces of my cleansing/make up removal products and before moisturizing.

I hope this has been helpful and I'm sure others will offer their faves and routines that worked for them.  Be sure to post again Jessica and let us know what ultimately worked for you and what didn't.  :-)



Re: Any Advice?

You could look at the Quidad products for your hair and also the Kat Von D foundation and also look at the Shiseido creamy concealer. Hope this helps!

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