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Antiaging recomendations?

Hello, I am trying to find something anti-aging for my mother. She has turned 55 and has become quite unhappy about how she looks and it's breaking my heart. She has sun spots and her wrinkles have deepened. She is also very very dry and sensitive. She's looking for something simple like a moisturizer that will help address these concerns and I may be able to get her on a serum. If there is also a great coverage, highly pigmented, creamy concealer or foundation for the sunspots that would also help. Any advice would be much appreciated especially if the product recommendations come with application tips and tricks.

Re: Antiaging recomendations?

For the age sports, perhaps you could try Murads Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum.  I got a sample as the 100 point perk and it seems to be working wonders with my acne scars.  You should get the and see if it works for her.  If it does, then you can buy the full size but it is expensive.  It's $60 a bottle.

Re: Antiaging recomendations?

Go watch Lisa Eldridge's videos on YouTube about makeup application for mature skin and then about Lisa's personal skin care advice for anti-aging (I believe that is a 2-part video).  Great place to start!

Re: Antiaging recomendations?

The Age Reform Kit from Murad or the Algenist line would be a great start for her but there's only so much OTC products can do.

As far as foundations I would say Bobbi Browns Extra Repair foundation  or Dior's Capture Total Foundation would be great choices. Hope this helps!


Re: Antiaging recomendations?

Hi whiterabbit8,


I'd say go with the Algenist kit that beautylovingirl suggested along with Capture Totale Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,
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