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Anti-aging question......HELP!!!

I am in my late 20s and start seeing the aging thing. I am a religiously sunscreen user, so i figure it's not the sun damaging.  Anyways, I want to take my skincare routine up a notch and layering serums. do you have any suggestion? What's the order when it comes to layering concentrate serum, anti aging serum, hydrating serum, and firming serum? Is it even a good idea?  Would it back fire and give me only clogged pores?  Or should i just use a firming cream to wrap up the whole routine?

Please help!!!!


Re: Anti-aging question......HELP!!!

Hi peiyoung,

It's great that you are religious about wearing sunscreen, that's such an important step in delaying the signs of aging. Since serums are usually treatment products and are in the most concentrated form, I don't recommend layering them. The serum that is applied first will be what your skin benefits from the most, and any extra serums added on top might not penetrate the skin as well, and you end up just wasting valuable products. Also, this would likely leave your face feeling greasy, and like you said, lead to clogged pores. I do think that you should follow a serum with moisturizer, and this is where layering your anti-aging products will benefit you. Some great brands to check out are Algenist, Dr. Brandt, and Dr. Dennis Gross. Good luck!

Smiley Happy -Laura

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