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Anti aging products ? Only 20.

So I received a few samples inside my Mia 2 purchase and they had 'all skin types/anti aging. One product wasTruth Serum collagen booster and the other was Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture sunscreen lotion. I just turned 20 should I be using these products with anti aging products inside?? I was thinking about giving them to my older sister who is 30... Not saying she has wrinkles though. But I'm afraid to use products with anti aging in them.

Re: Anti aging products ? Only 20.

Anti-aging stuff now won't hurt you - but I don't know that at your age I'd go out of my way to buy them. Honestly, everyone should be using a moisturizer and sunscreen, so I've never understood why those are labeled as "anti-aging" products! I'm sure your sister won't mind you passing along products but they shouldn't harm you in any way. 


Re: Anti aging products ? Only 20.

Anti aging is actually better to use before there are problem areas. Doing now will help prevent as the skin is more lively. As you get order, the skin's healing ways slow down causing lack of firmness, cell turnover, collagen etc.


Feel free to try the products, and pass the ones you aren't loving to your sister Smiley Happy


No matter what age, sunscreen should be used.

Re: Anti aging products ? Only 20.

It is fine to use! Once you are ~25 actually your skin starts aging. Collagen booster would just be to improve your skins elasticity.

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