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All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

I've come to the conclusion that this is a unique problem as I can't find a solution, or even mention of the problem, anywhere!


I have tried a lot of different mascaras, both drug store and prestige brands (e.g. Clinique High Impact, Too Faced LashGasm, Smashbox Hyperlash, various Cover Girl LashBlast varieties, a couple L'Oreal and Revlon, and every single brand in Sephora's Lash Stash kit from this past Christmas) and every single one will flake off within a few hours, sometimes within a few minutes. But only from the lashes on my right eye. How weird is that?? Some will flake off both eyes, but  many stay put on my left eye. 


I've been looking closely at my lashes, trying to figure out the problem, and it appears that the Problem Lashes on the right eye are all kind of pointing down, toward my lower lid. They're not turning inward (mostly) toward my eye, just down. The lashes on my left eye look pretty normal, although I do have some stray lashes that point in weird directions.


I have pretty long but very straight lashes. I also have ridiculously oily skin, and thus oily lids.


I've been using a shadow primer (Tarte's Clean Slate 360) and it works wonders for my shadow (when I take it off at night, my eyeshadow looks like I just put it on) but doesn't prevent the mascara from flaking. It also doesn't seem to prevent my liner from smearing, which is disappointing.


I thought for sure the answer would be a mascara primer, so I bought Clinique's Lash Building Primer. It didn't help at all. I've tried it several times, hoping it might work if I changed how I used it. But nope. There was still a pile of black flakes on the tops of my right cheek and a horrible racoon eye. 


Any ideas what to do? I don't want to have to give up mascara, but this flaking problem looks terrible!

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Have you tried powdering your lashes before applying mascara?  Some kinds that flake off for me stay put better if I dust my lids and lashes with translucent powder before putting on mascara. Go really light with the powder, otherwise it causes the mascara to clump.


Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Thank you so much for your response!


My eyes tend to be pretty sensitive, so I'm a little reluctant to dust powder on my lashes. BUT I'll definitly keep that in mind if I continue to have this problem. Smiley Happy

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Wow I never heard of it just flaking off of one eye, maybe try a different mascara? or prettyinpa suggested use a small amount of powder,maybe since your lash is pointing down your not getting the primer on all your lash. Hope this helps!

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Thanks for your response!


I have actually tried many different mascaras, so I'm pretty sure it's not just a bad mascara. 


You make a good point about possibly not getting primer on my right lashes properly. I think I do get enough on all the lashes, but I'm not sure. I'll try the primer one more time and pay attention to that. Smiley Happy

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

My two eyes have different personalities, too. I've got farsighted one with a slight crease in the socket and a nearsighted one with a small crease above the lash line, makes eyeshadow interesting. I'm assuming by pointing down you mean like how most asian lashes are, in which case try experimenting with different curling technique to tame them into the same direction? Many users with straight pointing down lashes like Fairy Drop Scandal queen mascara, so maybe try that and some other asian-friendly mascaras?


As for oily eyelid/lash, I usually wipe my eyelid/lash area with damp towel (just water on it) in the morning, then apply mascara when it's dry and have no problem. You can try a transluscent powder applied with a flat eyeliner brush. There are eyelash/brow combs Sephora sells, so you can use that to brush your lashes a couple times to get rid of excess powder before applying mascara.


Good luck and persevere! XD

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Thanks for your suggestion!


I'm a little embarrased to admit this, but eyelash curlers freak me out. I'm a horrible wimp about things getting too close to my eyes (I guess it's kind of amazing I can put on mascara at all!) I've tried a few times to use them and I can never get it right without spazzing out. (lol)


Hmm. I never thought of comparing my problem with Asian lashes. Hmmmm. I have to think about that. Although they are pointing down, they are also quite long. And actually, now that I think about it (wish I had thougt of this before), when I have mascara on, my right eye's lashes turn up and curl a bit, but they also kind of... bunch together ... and slant to the right? Hard to describe. I'm starting to think I should take pics. Hmmm.

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Oh it's ok, one of my guy friend said it looks like a medieval torture device. Lol, but my lashes do point downward and inner corner ones irritate my eyeballs, so I have to either pluck it or curl it (don't every try plucking. *cough*). This is what I meant by asian lashes:


That's not my eye but my lashes are like that when I look straight at you. It take some practice but it's not scary! Try it on the tip of your lash first, then when you are comfortable move closer to the roots. If you would like to see a comparison of eyelash curlers, try this:


If you are worried about powder, use the flat eyeliner brush and tap it a couple times before applying. Or you can try lash primer, I have Tarte one, but apply sparingly so it doesn't flake off. Mine is white, so if lashes have a  grey tint when it dries that's fine, if the lashes look heather grey or white then I applied too much.

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Yes! That is what the lashes on my right eye are doing! Or at least, the outer half of them. When I close my eye, it looks kind of like they're curling inward.


You've got me planning to try an eyelash curler again. Especially if it might fix my crazy flaking problem! 


I've wondered if I should try a heated curler, actually. Partially because there are a lot of versions that don't have to totally cover your eye, like a conventional curler does. That's the part that freaks me out everytime I try one. 


I was waffling between the Tarte primer and the Clinique. I went with Clinique since its description specifically talked about keeping the mascara on your lashes. Maybe I should try to hunt down a sample of the Tarte one. Anyway, I tried the Clinique primer several times, hoping that if I applied it differently (e.g. letting it dry fully before mascara application; putting extra layers on; putting only one minimal layer on; etc.) but still it didn't help. 

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Definitely try a heated curler. I can't get curl to stay in my straight lashes unless I use one. Plus it's more like a mascara wand, you just hold it up to your lashes and gently bend them upward so you won't get that claustrophobic feeling. Plus if you have deep set eyes like I do, you really can't get a regular curler in deep enough to do any good, I can only curl the ends with a standard kind.

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Yup, join the asian lashes club (I never understood the phrase "looking through the lashes" when reading novels...until I started getting into make up and realize that's what I do all the time since my lashes points down and others don't) o.O


It seems like heated curlers don't get as good reviews as normal curlers, altho I don't know why. I would definitely suggest trying out all curlers, including the heated curlers, to find one that fits your eyes the best. Everyone's eyes are different, I kind of like my first curler (revlon) which only have like 3/5 star reviews in a lot of places, and the much applauded Shiseido curler makes my eyes water every.single.time. despite the fact it's the best curler ever for the other 129437394823723954234789 people. So, find a curler that feels comfortable on your eyes first. If it's a heated one, excellent. If it's not, try using your blow dryer on it before curling. =)

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Hi Kittichick-


I've actually heard about this dilemma before. I have the same issue with eyeliner and my right eye. Have you ever tried layering a waterproof mascara on top of your regular one? When I really want the mascara to stay I apply a waterproof mascara just to the tips of lashes. I hope that this tip works for you tooSmiley Happy


Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara


Buxom - Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara


Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula

Clinique - Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula

<3 Melissa

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Thanks so much for your suggestion!


I have tried a couple waterproof mascaras - and they do seem to last longer than others. The last one was ... Stila, I think. 


I didn't realize that Buxom comes in a waterproof version; I love the original. I'll have to give it - and your suggestion - a try. Smiley Very Happy


I just received a similar suggestion from a friend. She suggested applying clear mascara over the regular stuff, saying that it acts like a sealant. I'm not sure this makes a lot of sense. Why would the clear mascara stay on when the regular stuff doesn't? What do you think?

Re: All mascara flakes off just ONE eye!

Hi Kittichick-


Buxoms an awesome mascara, I love the brush!


Applying a clear mascara might work. It acts almost like a top coat would on a nail polish. I just feel like something that is waterproof would stay on better than a clear mascara. I like to do this trick when I go to the gym because, I need it to last so it doesn't end up running down my faceSmiley Happy Also the Clinique Lash Power is a tube mascara which acts like a 'glove' around each lash!

<3 Melissa
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