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Adult acne caused by blackheads. Need product advice, please

Hello, I am new here and hoping I can get some advice.  I'm overwhelmed by all the products available for removing/preventing blackheads. 


I am 40 years old with combo skin type.  I have blackheads on my chin/lip area and when they come to the surface they are cystlike and huge.  I use a retin-a topical cream from the dermatolgoist which seems to bring them to the surface eventually.  I have been using Cetaphil cleanser for years now b/c it's easy and removes makeup, including eye makeup.


I'm looking for something that is good for sensitive skin that will remove the blackheads still there and hopefully prevent future one's.  I'd rather not not a million products so something simple would be great.  Thank you so much!!

Re: Adult acne caused by blackheads. Need product advice, please

Right off the bat, since you use a prescribed retinol based treatment, I would suggest any product you being to utilize for treatment of your blackheads and/or in conjunction to clearing up your blemishes be brought up to your dermatologist to see if it "plays nice" with the retinol. You don't want to overwhelm and sensitize your skin so it's easier to play it safe than sorry especially when you mention wanting something for sensitive skin.


For starters, to begin targetting blackheads start by understanding the ingredients used in acne based/blackhead treatments.


Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that helps to regulate oil and also works by dissolving sebum trapped in pores which can oxidize and thus turn into blackheads. Salicylic acid can be found in an assortment of products from washes, spot treatments, toners, and moisturizers, the key is finding out which to use. If blackheads are localized to a particular area and your oil is regulated through other means, start off with a spot treatment as this will allow you to target a focus area rather than all over your face which can overwhelm your skin if particular areas aren't suffering from issues at hand.


Other ingredients to keep an eye for would be purifying or detoxifying based ingredients such as clays, muds, charcoal, and volcanic ash. These work by drawing out excess oil and sebum as well, helping to remove impurities.


I would suggest checking into the above thread there for more information and threads covering specific products and even the service of extractions for more immediate blackhead removals.




Re: Adult acne caused by blackheads. Need product advice, please


  Especially for blackheads, there's not going to be a miracle product to get rid of it all.. 

I'm on prescription Adapalene (Differin) and its helping with both blackheads and acne (but you're already on retin - a treatment..) 

Try looking at the ingredients of skincare products you are using and/or cleansing routine 

my friend was breaking out because her cleansing routine has been just cleansing oil (no cleanser, no toner) for example.. 


Clarisonic and clay masks also help 

it helps to deep clean

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