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Acne on my frustrating!

I have clear skin, except for my chin.  I have read online that it could be due to me being on my period, but my period has been done for over a week.  so does anyone know what I would still have acne on my chin?

And what are some cheap products to use to reduce this acne on my chin?

it is so frustrating when the rest of my face is clear, but my chin is disgusting....



Re: Acne on my frustrating!

Hi sharonl.  Acne on or around your chin is mainly caused from hormonal changes and/or a change in your diet.  The best way to deal with those breakouts is to use a spot treatment.  If you're breaking out all around your chin, then I recommend a sulfur mask such as the DDF -Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Sulfur Therapeutic Mask.  The sulfur mask not treats and prevents blemishes, but also controls oil production and unclogs pores.



You could also use the sulfur mask as a spot treatment either on the face or body for a cost effective approach.  If you find that this treatment doesn't work, I recommend consulting your dermatologist to see if there are prescribed alternatives.






Re: Acne on my frustrating!

Your hands can have bacteria on them so be careful not to rest your hand on your chin, and also be careful with a phone being near your skin when you're talking. I frequently wipe my phone down with alcohol or Lysol.

If it's during hormonal times, I would add a drop of an acne spot treatment like Clean & Clear. You can just put a drop in with your moisturizer or cream makeup.

Hope that helps.



Re: Acne on my chin....So frustrating!



I too break out only along my chin and jawline and Tiffany is right- it's related to hormones.  I like using Murad's Acne and Wrinkle Reducer Serum during the time of the month that my hormones cause these break outs.  It is a serum that is actually meant for hormonal breakouts and it usually clears them within days and prevents them if I am proactive in treating these areas before I break out.  Its also nice because it doesn't dry out your skin so you can apply it on the entire area that gets affected.


You use such a small amount and only in the affected areas that this product is definitely worth the price and it will last quite some time.


Good luck and hope this helps!





Re: Acne on my frustrating!


Yes, hormonal breakouts can linger a little while longer even after your period is long done. Mine have lasted 2 weeks after the fact before. A Product that I find to be extremely effetive  is


Kate Somerville

EradiKate Acne Treatment; it heals blemishes and treats/prevents future breakouts as well. Key ingrediants for this product or the "super-stars" for it's effectiveness are Zinc Oxide: Aids in healing process & Sulfur; which acts like a natural exfoliant. I recommend using the spot treatment at night and putting a good amount on the areas you are trying to target and then going to sleep. In the morning you will notice a decrease in size & inflammation Smiley Happy


Good luck!


Re: Acne on my frustrating!

are your breakouts like cyst? if they are this usually is because of dairy products i suggest cutting out dairy products n see if its improved renne rouleu a famous esthetician has a product called the anti cyst treatment i also suggest goin on her website she has a lot of info tips n tricks as well n an article on wat ure goin thru hopefully everything gets beter good luckSmiley Happy

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