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Acne Scars


So , recently I had breakouts on my skin and I seldom get one. I am not sure why it happens . I have oily and dry skin.

So,now, I am left with the acne scars on my face . Can you suggest me any products (prefferrably no-chemical product) ,that can reduce the acne scars and any breakouts in future? and any suggestion for face peel that can help with my face problems

Re: Acne Scars

Hi Marissa91!


You might want to try the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Acne Clearing Exfoliating Treatment. If you're not wanting to use chemicals to lighten dark spots, the best thing you can do is exfoliate to increase cell turn over and lighten the area. Smiley Happy Plus! This also helps with clearing out any present blemishes and helps prevent future ones from forming as well.


If you're just getting a few random pimples, this will definitely help.





Re: Acne Scars

I also think you should use this spot treatment after you exfoliate to speed up the healing process: 



Re: Acne Scars

Thank you so much for your opinion. I will definitely will try the product. But , is it okay , if I combining my skin care brands ?


Re: Acne Scars

I tried the Murad acne spot fast fix one night and I woke up with twice more breakouts, i had to return it. What helped me clear my skin is Tea tree oil. You can get it from wallgreens and it is about $10. 

Re: Acne Scars

Is this use as face wash ? Can you explain on how to use it ?  Thank you

Re: Acne Scars

You would use this in addition to your face wash. Smiley Happy I would recommend right after.  And only about 2 times a week. And then use that spot treatment every day as needed. 


Re: Acne Scars

Is it okay if I use it with my currrent face cleanser (Kiehls) because I'm afraid that it will worsen the acne on my face?


Re: Acne Scars

Hi Marissa Smiley Happy 


I've had really good luck with Murad products for acne scarring.  The pigment lightening serum is pricey, but has done wonders for lightning my hyperpigmentation spots & reducing breakouts.  FYI - I have oily acne prone skin (I know products work differently for different skin types).  Remember lots of sunscreen too!  Sun makes spots much worse.  XO Chloe


Re: Acne Scars

From my experience Tea Tree Oil is the best thing to treat breakouts, acne, and pimples. I used to get breakouts and ever since I used Tea tree oil, after a while it would disappear. Also, another good thing about it is that natural. 



Re: Acne Scars

Tea tree oil is amazing, it clear my breakouts and I did not get any others since I started using it

Re: Acne Scars

Seconded! Tea Tree Oil was a game changer for me in the acne battle. Sulfur based products are also helpful for drying up pimples. Mario Badescu makes one called Drying Cream that reduces inflammation and helps to heal blemishes that I've also been loving lately.

Re: Acne Scars

i've been using the aveeno targeted tone corrector and it's amazing! clears my scarring so much faster!

Re: Acne Scars

It sounds like we have the same skintype. I am fair skin tone, & have a lot of acne scars on my face that just won't go away. My skin is also very oily with occasional dry patches or peeling. The best things I have tried are:

1. 100% tea tree oil to spot treat, if you like chemical free natural products, or just plain lemon juice (fresh squeezed, not that stuff that comes in a bottle) leaving it on for like 30 minutes. 

2. taking makeup off at night before I wash my face using Shea Butter baby wipes with aloe (it sounds weird but my skin feels SO soft in the morning, compared to if I just used my face wash & moisturizer) The only ingredients on the wipes are shea butter, alcohol, aloe and vitamin e. I use about 3-4 wipes every night just to make sure I get it all off, I keep going until I don't see anymore makeup coming off on the wipes. I wash my face twice in the morning and twice at night. I use Perricone face finishing moisturizer & I swear by it..

3. honestly I've noticed a dramatic reduction in my acne bumps & breakouts ever since I stopped bare minerals foundation & primer. I was all into natural & no chemical products. I wore bare minerals foundation for 15 years. So I stopped these products last year just to see what would happen, and my skin started to clear up pretty fast. I was actually really upset at first because I thought it was supposed to be pure & amazing for every skin type, but I was relieved at the same time that my breakouts were reduced. I think I must have been allergic to something in that product.

The makeup I now use, and have only used this past year are: Bobbi Brown skin mineral foundation (the powder one), nars concealer, and hourglass veil primer. My skin looks so different now. I still have scars, but I don't get -nearly- as many breakouts. I now get maybe 2-4 red bumps in total like the picture you posted, rather than 10-20 of those red breakouts in total.

Re: Acne Scars

I know this may be a bit out of scope but I swear by Kinerase it's anti-aging but works for everything. Sephora no longer carries the brand but you can order it online on places like Amazon or even ulta. I had acne, scaring, tone and texture issues and this helped with all of that. I've tried switching several times and always come back to it. If you have combination skin use the cream, it's a bit thicker. I used the lotion and found that it was not as moisturizing as it should be.  If you can get your hands on the "clear" formula than that's great other wise the others work just as well.

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