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Acne, Blackheads, and Bumps...OH MY!!

I have been battling acne, an abnormal amount of blackheads, and these small itsy bitsy bumps all over my face since about last August. It has become my worst enemy. No matter what I do, it will not go away. I try changing makeup products, which helped some... and even my skincare, which again helped some...
I so enjoy wearing makeup but they display much more when I do wear it. But if I do not wear makeup then I am left with a whole bunch of red spots (since I am so pale) all over my face due to acne scaring.
I use organic skin care from Simply Divine Botanicals and the Olay Pro X Cleansing Brush at night.
I know that some of it is due to hormones, I am on birth control, and some to do with stress.
But I have never had this extent of skin problems before.

Is there any recommendations on what could be causing this or what I could do to help it?

I don't want to spend money that could be wasted going to a dermatologist. I am willing to try almost anything other than medications.

Re: Acne, Blackheads, and Bumps...OH MY!!

Thank you very very much!!!!

Re: Acne, Blackheads, and Bumps...OH MY!!

Hi sweetheartfrost,


I would definitely suggest investing in a Clarisonic. I think it is the absolute best thing I could have ever done to help my skin. The Clarisonic helped ease dry patches, helped clear up breakouts and minimize pores. I have also found that when I do break out, the breakouts are very minimal and they go away a lot faster than they ever did before I used the device. For your skin type, I would recommend the Deep Pore Cleaning Brush head. It's my favorite brush head from Clarisonic because I see an immediate difference after using it.


My favorite cleanser that we carry is the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser. This cleanser really deep cleans the skin. It has glycolic acid in it so it helps minimize pigmentation left over from breakouts. It is one of the few cleansers I have used that is meant to treat breakouts, that has not totally dried out my skin. It is gentle enough to use both day and night.






Re: Acne, Blackheads, and Bumps...OH MY!!

I will most definitely be trying out the Clarisonic!!! I will see if I can get a sample of that Boscia product that you mentioned since the clarisonic is expensive enough. Thank you so much for your help!!!

Re: Acne, Blackheads, and Bumps...OH MY!!

Ok, I know this stuff is not at sephora, but for the last 10 plus years I have used the anti acne products from . I have oily skin, am on birthcontrol, and even as my skin has aged nothing has worked better at controlling my acne I get one or two pimples a month. I do use the 3 step process religiously, and use Bobbi Brown moisturizers and sunscreens afterward (didn't really need them until I hit my 40s). People may say these products are stripping or "bad". They work. It takes about 6 weeks to see consistent results, but it works.


Re: Acne, Blackheads, and Bumps...OH MY!!

Honestly, I've struggled with the same thing for quite a while. I don't really have any suggestions - I do like Ole Henricksen's lemon strip flash peel, always gives me a boost and makes my skin feel a bit better. Also, Murad's exfoliating acne treatment gel help some too.


Anyway, I've wanted to say that I feel ya! Totally understand where you're coming from - it's so frustrating. I'm waiting for a good sale to get the Clarisonic - there might be some hope there!


Good luck!

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