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55 y/o has used bare minerals for years but sitting in my wrinkles/pores now. Need foundation.

I am 55 y/o,w dark  puffy, fine lines under eyes & around mouth and crease of chin,  I use a primer and even a silicon wrinkle filler prior to applying foundation but it still seems to sit in my lines and pores and accentuate them.  It makes me look older. I've tried the liquid make-up forever but it feels like it sits on my skin.  I would like full converge to cover uneven tone, a few age spots, etc but want something that wont accentuate my wrinkles and pores.  How to stars or people that are photographed get that seamless makeup look where it seems as if their under eyes just flows into their cheeks.  I live in the south so I want something that will stay on even in the heat but not gather in my wrinkles.  The bare minerals just melts off my face, unfortunately when I get my "power surges" I perspire on my head first and sweat will run down my face taking the bare minerals with it.  My pores are large but clean, no blackheads, rarely have a blemish, my skin runs on the normal to dry side in summer and dry in winter.  I used the Peter Thomas Roth Un-wrinkle turbo serum for about 2 months and it was great but ran out and decided to finish up some oil of oleo regenerist I had, purchased because good houskeeping recommended it but I saw a big difference when I stopped the un-wrinkle serum so ordering more now and have learned my lesson .  I'm sure the increase in size is due to the extreme heat but since I can't change the weather I need to change the pores. The enlarged pores are between my eyebrows and on my nose, a few around the crease in my chin.  I don't have any lines around my eyes or on forehead, just fine ones below eyes, around mouth, deep crevice in both corners of mouth and a few fine lines near the crease in my chin. Please advise me on a new foundation that wont sweat off and won't accentuate my wrinkles.  I'm waiting to place my order until I decide on a foundation and undereye concealer. Please advise ASAP!  Thank you!

Hello,    Thank you for explaining your concerns. Bare Mi...



Thank you for explaining your concerns. Bare Minerals is a great product but I completely understand your frustrations. I see that you did try the Make Up For Ever HD foundation which is silicone based which is why you may have felt like it was sitting on the surface of your skin. I too used to like in the south in Texas where the weather is extreme.


What I used to recommend to women with your concerns when I used to work in a store there was DIOR Skin Forever water-based liquid foundation. It is light weight, gives full coverage, and is built specifically for long wear. It gives you a beautiful even coverage without looking heavy or dry. I would recommend a small amount of primer and either applying this foundation with your fingers or pressing it in with a flat sponge. Great thing about the sponge is that you can build your desired coverage. I hope this helps. 

Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup



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