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45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's

I chose Sephora store #406 for my 45 minute complimentary makeover.  Chris was my makeup artist.  I'm going to summarize my notes.  Chris started with skincare.  She used amazing products such as Bliss's "Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask" and "That's Incrdi-Peel." The skincare portion was really relaxing.  I think I could have sat in the Studio Makeup mirror all day.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that when I was with her we had a great conversation.  She really took initiative of the look.  I let her know what looks I usually like and came up with a look.   


Makeup was the next step for my makeover. Chris used makeup by YSL, Hourglass, Smashbox, Stila, and Nars.  I have included a picture of my beautiful makeover.  She applied BB cream by Stila.  Followed by touches of Nars Multiple stick was brushed on my upper cheek bones.  Side note: I didn't get the best rest last night and have allergies.  Apparentely, there are celebrations taking place nearby.  That aside, she was able to conceal the darkness under my eyes.  To do this, Chis used the YSL "Touch Eclat" to conceal dark circles.  Smashbox eyeshadow was added.  The palettte chosen was Image Factory -Icon.   I have Hourglass's "Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick" in Icon. She added lip liner to keep the color from moving around.  I really love the matte red lip!  This is part of the current trends.  Natalie, also at store #406, had another great suggestion.  To use Urban Decay's Ozone/clear lip liner.  If I feel unsure of the exact line...this takes care of it. 


Thank you for such a great experience store #406!  Thanks to Sephora for creating a nice event for VIB's to attend!  I hope you found this post to be helpful.


Free (45 minute) VIB makeup application with Chris!


P.S.- I took this picture, myself, while Chris was in the middle of adding lip liner.  I hope everyone enjoyed their makeovers, too.



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Re: 45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's

Thanks for sharing with us! I love that lipcolor on you, it looks stunning on your skintone and hair!! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: 45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's

While we're talking about the VIB complementary makeover, I just had some questions...


How do you schedule a makeover?  Sorry if that sounds silly, but I've been too shy to ask anyone in the store Smiley Tongue



Do they have to do your makeup?  OK, that sounds stupid too, but what I really want is one-on-one with a professional on application tips, general knowledge of makeup, etc. and mostly how to one day get a job at Sephora (it's my dream to be a makeup artist, but I'm currently underage to have a real job).  I have a thread on that by the way, if you wanted to give me tips... it's under Customer Service Smiley Happy


Thanks in advance!


<3 hotCoco1124

Re: 45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's



Hi hotcoco1124,


I received an email offering for me to set up a time for a complimentary makeover.  I decided to chose a store close to me and then call the main number.  You can find store numbers in the store locator section of Sephora's site.  Once I was on the phone I let the individual know that I am interested in the 45 min. makeover.  I let her know that I received the offer by email and wanted to schedual when she had a moment.  They looked through a calendar and let me know what was free for the day.  I'd just make sure to call in advance.  I am a VIB memeber and this is why I received the email for a 45 minute complimentary makeover.  I do know that if you are willing to spend $50. then the makeup artists will work with all Sephora customers.  This includes non-VIB or Beauty Insider members, too.  I would recommend checking out the book "Sephora: The Ultimate Guide to Makeup, Skin, and Hair.  From the Beauty Authority," by Melissa Schweiger.  I purchased the hard cover quite a while back because I too love learning about, and applying, beauty products. 


The makeover I had was makeup chosen by Chris, cast memeber/makeup artist, and was able to watch and learn from that.  I'm sure you already read my notes above about the steps she took to work through the makeover.  Otherwise, don't feel bad about asking questions.  You'll always hear that, and it's the truth.  Don't ever let anyone make you feel bad about that.  That's what life is about.  Learning things as you go.  To learn more, you can find a quiet time at a store and talk to a cast member.  I bet they can, even, give you a quick bit of knowledge of their means to aquire their position.  LinkedIn is a great way to connect outside of the store.  I hope this was helpful for you. 


I heart Sephora, too!  Good Luck!

Re: 45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's

Hi Jessica, where did you get that book?

Re: 45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's

Hi Nancypr,

I purchased the hard cover through Barnes and Noble. Let me know if you can't locate it.

Re: 45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's

Hi Jessica223344,


I agree with Diana, that color looks great on you!Smiley Happy Thank you for posting and sharing your makeover with us.

<3 Melissa

Re: 45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's

For your complimentary make over, did you have to spend a certain amount? 

Re: 45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's

Okay I'm a new VIB lol. So yuppers I'm totally a noob. Do we get a free makeover and how do we book this makeover lol. Sorry inquiring minds need to know Smiley Wink

Re: 45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's

My birthday is this Friday coming I need my hair and nails and makeup done please I just wanna look nice for my birthday party

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