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33 and sufferring from acne. Please help!

I suffered from acne as a teenager. Things cleared up over the years and now I am 33 years old now and i just started having horrible acne all over again. it literally flared up over night and won't go away. I am searching for a quick fix. My skin is oily but it drys out very quick when I use acne medice. Do you have any thoughts on the best acne treatment lotions and cleansers I can use. I have read the reviews and seems like everyone has positives and negatives to everything so I cannot decide on what to get. I just dont want to make things worse. Please help.

Re: 33 and sufferring from acne. Please help!

Murad came out with an anti-aging and anti-acne line not long ago that uses encapsulated salicylic acid which is a more gentle, time released formula as to not overdry or overload your skin with active treatment ingredients. 


Since you said the blemishes seemed to have flared up overnight, you might also consider going to a dermatologist or skin care therapist to see if it could be linked to hormonal changes in which case oral medication or prescription medication could address better compared to topical, over the counter treatments.

Re: 33 and sufferring from acne. Please help!

The Murad Complex Acne kit would be a great thing for you to look at. It's a number one selling skin care line for acne. Hope this helps! Here's the link:

Re: 33 and sufferring from acne. Please help!

With our Murad minds combined! Smiley Tongue


I keep waiting for Murad to launch their anti-aging/anti-acne products in a kit! 

Re: 33 and sufferring from acne. Please help!

How funny! LOL! Lordy Lord. We sure have our gears grinding in sync tonight.^.^

Re: 33 and sufferring from acne. Please help!

Thanks for the advice. I will give Murad a try and hope it works. Seeing a dermatologist in 2 weeks but had to wait to be seen. Hope this works in the meantime.


Re: 33 and sufferring from acne. Please help!

The Murad mini acne kit is a good start, most regimens take at least 3 weeks to start kicking into the swing of things, so patience is also an important factor. Best of luck and if anything, go over what products you currently use with your derm when you have your visit!

Re: 33 and sufferring from acne. Please help!

Hi Jbaby,


I just recently stopped a spring breakout, so I know how frustrating it can be. Since your skin has a tendency to get dry I'd say pair an acne cleansing system with a hydrating moisturizer.


The Clinique Acne Solutions kit is a trio of products designed to treat and minimize breakouts. The set includes: a cleansing foam, a face lotion, and a moisturizer.



I'd recommend pairing this set with Korres' Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturiser. This product is made for those with oily/combo skin. It has mattifying properties, which will minimize the appearance of shine throughout the day.



You may also benefit from using a weekly mask to help clear out your pores, which will minimize new breakouts. I’m a big fan of Boscia’s Black Mask, which intensely detoxifies the skin; just make sure to avoid your hair line and eyebrows!



Whimsically yours,

Re: 33 and sufferring from acne. Please help!

I'm 28 and had some acne (not terrible but hormonal). I've been using Proactiv once a day and the other time I wash with a cleanser and moisturize (not with proactive), for the past few weeks.  Proactive (due to the benz perox) is too drying for me to use twice a day.  My husband even commented that my skin looks a lot clearer and that is a lot to say because he isnt always super perceptive. 

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