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Hard Rough Heels :(

I am spacing out my pedicures more and more to save some green, but now I am finding that my heels are so hard and starting to get painful. I really would like to keep a regimen at home while in-between pedicures. Any recommendations or go-To items I can do at home? 

Re: Hard Rough Heels :(

@UnicornSparkle7 I've tried a few foot peeling products and my favorite for effectiveness and price is the Esfolio Foot & Heel Peel. If you have a TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Winners I can usually find them there for like $5. Much better than $20 Boscia one!

Re: Hard Rough Heels :(

@UnicornSparkle7 I recommend trying the BOSCIA - Baby Soft Foot Peel.

I have found this works great! 



Re: Hard Rough Heels :(

@UnicornSparkle7   Emjoi (I keep wanting to type "emoji" instead- ha!) makes a great micro pedi tool (basically a very gentle sanding machine for your feet!)

I'll spare you the details of the condition of my feet when I started using it, but it really helps a lot, and quickly.  I know it's sold at Amazon.

The other product I used and found effective is using a facial exfoliator for my feet!  Lancer's The Polish was very effective and smoothing and softening my skin.  It doesn't take much product per application either.

Re: Hard Rough Heels :(

@UnicornSparkle7 I second the foot peeling masks. You can find some cheaper ones but they're not always that effective. I've tried one from the Korean brand esfolio that I've found at Marshalls and that one has done the trick really well. I think the most famous ones are the Babyfoot, which you can find at Ulta but they're kind of pricey. I do not recommend that Miss Spa ones though. Between peels, I try to use a crystal foot file ( you can find them at beauty supply stores)

Re: Hard Rough Heels :(

@UnicornSparkle7  Have you ever tried a foot peeling mask? I recently tried one that worked wonders for my very rough, callused feet. You can check out my post here:


Re: Hard Rough Heels :(

@UnicornSparkle7, I use one of these at the end of my shower almost everyday to slough off the dead skin.  They're fairly inexpensive and you can get them at most nail sections in the beauty aisles.  And to keep my heels from getting dry and cracked, I make sure to moisturize right after my shower (usually at night) and before I put on my shoes in the morning - I wear socks and closed-toe shoes everyday so it works out.  Hope that helps!




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