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advice on which product to choose.

I am 44 and looking for a product to fade some of my dark spots and improve the overall tone and look of my skin...sort of brighten it up.  I am trying to decide between Philosophy's Miracle worker anti-aging retinoid pads and the new micro delivery triple acid brightening peel.   Any advice on which would be best for what I am trying to achieve would be welcome!  Thanks

My response isn't timely, so you may have already made yo...

My response isn't timely, so you may have already made your decision. But I wanted to tell you that I use both, as they serve different purposes. I've been told that Retinol is essential to all anti-aging skincare regimens because it rejuvenates your skin and increases cell turnover. I use these Miracle Worker Retinoid Pads every night. The Brightening Peel is used once a week and would be considered your exfoliator. Exfoliation is essential for removing dead skin cells and revealing the fresh, new skin below. I have been using the Brightening Peel for about four weeks now and I am pleased with the product. So, I would recommend you try both...they really compliment each other well.

Hello!   The Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Skincar...



The Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Skincare Line is AMAZING!! Based on what you said your concerns were I feel that this will have everything that you need. They have a dark spot corrector treatment as well as their cult favorite daily pads. The Miracle Worker line will help brighten your complexion while also fading any dark spots/sun damage that has been done throughout the years. It will improve texture as well as overall tone of your complexion too. Hope this helps!




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