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Your Question : I'm 45 years old and wondering what kind of antiaging skincare would be best for me.

 I'm 45 years old and I need help with what kind of antiaging skincare would be best for me. I have some fine lines and age spots. My main problems are redness and very dry skin on my forehead and corner of my nose. Thanks.

Hi sweetie, my recommendation for you would be Caudalie P...

Hi sweetie, my recommendation for you would be Caudalie Premier Cru cream for the whole face, and the Premier Cru for the eye.  You may think that they are a lil on the pricy side at first but they are well worth it! They are the only two anti aging products that you will need in your beauty regimen. Use them both in unison however, because the whole face cream will not work if you have concerns around your eyes, they are two different types of skin. A lot of anti agin products have hydrocronone in them, which is an ingredient that is processed through your liver and can cause liver damage if used in excess, none of Caudalie's products have this in them.  They use resveritrol which is the top ingredient for anti aging (they studied the ingredient at Harvard), that will actually firm the skin, rebuild it, and renew it. It also protects you against free radicals, which is the leading cause of aged skin.  These products will also taget dark spots, pull them apart and destroy them. Some products will darken dark spots before they lighten them up and that is just a pain. You also get an immediate gratification from both of these products, highly moisturizing, which will help with the redness, and if there is any darkness under the eye area then that will be immediately lightened, not 100% but it will be noticiably lighter after a moment or two. These products will double the skin mass within two months. Plumping the skin will make the apparence of wrinkles less noticable. I think of it as a balloon that is blown up, and the air is let out of it, it look wrinkled, once you put more air back in, it is full and no more wrinkles, that is what these products will do for you.  There is a Premier Cru product sold every 30 seconds around the world, so you know it must be good!  It is also the leading skincare line in France, and you know the kind of lifestyle the French lead, they smoke all the time, they drink all the time, and they look better than most of us do! They have good skincare!! Try it out, and love it. Use both products, use the whole bottle! Do not be discouraged if you don't see a result in two weeks. Make sure you use them for at least 3 months. I say, you can't go to the gym, do 6 situps and have a six pack. It takes time to see results. I am sure that it will work for you, and I also recommend that you just use the products at night, you can use them during the day as well, but if you use them once a day they will last you longer, and it will not effect your makeup. Sometimes thicker moisturizers can effect the wear of your makeup. I hope you enjoy them! Smiley Happy If you have any questions, please let me know!  Good luck, Anthony

I second prettyinpa's suggestion for the Peter Thomas Rot...

I second prettyinpa's suggestion for the Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cream. 

However, I wanted to let you know about an anti-aging cleanser that you may want to consider using to address your age spots and redness issues which is called Perricone MD Cleansing Treatment Bar.  This gently exfoliating cleanser works to address dullness, dryness, rough texture, age spots, discoloration, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, redness and blemishes.  Glycolic acid reveals your skin's true clarity and radiance for a brighter look while pure olive oil nourishes, calms and moisturizes. DMAE tightens and tones, giving you a more youthful appearance.  It is non-irritating and non-drying and is ideal for all skin types, including dry, sensitive, oily or blemish-prone and can be used both AM and PM.  You can read more about it here:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

Peter Thomas Roth makes a great moisturizer with anti-agi...

Peter Thomas Roth makes a great moisturizer with anti-aging properties called Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Creme- it gives intense hydration while promoting a firmer, tighter, more youthful complexion.  




Hope this helps!

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