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What are synonyms of Retinol and glycol?

I know retinol and glycol shouldn't be used together, so I'm separating my many deluxe/travel size serum/moisturizers into 2 categories, but they go by many names. To confirm, am I correct in assuming they are the same? are there any other name they go incognito under?


Same or similar or ingredients that can go together:

- Retinol, Vitamin A, Retinyl

- Glycol, Vitamin C, any fruit acid (citric acid etc), lactic acid


Is that correct?



ps. Apparently a lot of Murad have Retinol and a lot of Algenist have glycol. Wuh? 1 product I have (Bobbi Brown eye balm) actually have both butylene glycol and retinyl palmitate in the ingredients. Hmm...

Glycolic acid breaks down skin,speeding up the skin renew...

Glycolic acid breaks down skin,speeding up the skin renewal process. Retinol commuincates with skin cells and encourages the rebuilding of skin. Basically one breaks it down and the other helps to rebuild and yes it can be used together because it does just what I said on the first line.Glycolic acid is an alphahydroxy acid made from sugar cane, it loosens the dead skin cells making it easier to remove the top layer of skin, retinol is a form of vitamin A that is so small it can penetrate to the lower level of skin where collagen and elastin are. Retinol actually encourages cell to function normally and promote regular cell renewal.

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