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Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

Hello ladies, 

I am turning 25 soon and I want to try new skincare products, more has a anti-aging property in it.

I have prone to acne, combo to oily, sensitive skin.

Besides preventing wrinkels, my other main concerns are dark spots discolorations, enlargepores, and no greasy feeling on the skin or cause acne.

After weeks of search I have sorted down SK-II and Perricone MD skincare line.  But I can't decide which brand the products to buy and try. Can you ladies give me some advise if you have used them or know anything about them?

Thanks so much!

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

Both lines are so great but I think that for your concerns Dr. Perrricone's line is going to give you the most benefit. His line is a very good grade of products. He has the intensive pore treatment for your pores. His face finishing moisturizer will help with your dark spots,and his hypoallergenic cleanser is great for sensitive skin and also you could use his blue plasma peel for your treatment a couple of nights a weeks.Hope this helps!

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

I cannot say enough good things about Perricone's Intensive Pore Minimizer. I have been using it since October and have seen a tremendous difference in my pore size and overall skin texture. I hadn't seen my mom in a couple of months and she kept staring at my face. She commented that she could not believe how tiny my pores were! She wanted to know what I was doing different in my skin care routine.

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

@chelle478. That sounds wonderful! Is the effect temporary or do your pores stay that size even when you are not using it? Do you use it along with other Perricone product in the line or does it work just as well with other brands? (it's intensive pore minimizer and not intensive pore treatment, right?) Sounds like I have to get a sample of it sometimes. Thanks!

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

I started with the Intensive pore Minimizer and the Acyl Glutathione products in October. I use a mixture of other products from Dr. Jart and I am faithful to Purity Made Simple cleanser from philosophy.  I have just recently added the intensive pore treatment and must say I am not loving the texture of it. It feels waxy to me as I rub it in. But I will give it time and see if it works as well as the Minimizer. Since I have used the product with different brands as well as with Perricone, I believe it is worth adding in to your skin care routine if you are looking to make your pores appear smaller.

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

@chelle478 Thanks! I will try the Minimizer instead of the Treatment then (pore serums are fickle, sounds like I won't enjoy the treatment one). Since nothing will reduce size of the pores, I balk at products that only gives temporary effect, but since it works so well for you, I'll def check it out then. =)

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

It's so great when everything comes together and then sometimes it takes certain ones longer than others. Smiley Happy

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

I'm in the position as you. I'm turning 25 this year and want to get more serious about my skin care, more so about dark spots and uneven skin tone. I've been using ole henriksen and Boscia products to help with my issues. I got the enlighten me kit from ole henriksen and use boscia's clear complexion cleanser and tonic. I also invested in a clarisonic mia 2 and bought some peels to see which would give me the best results. The peel that comes in the enlighten me kit is really good but exfolikate and Ren also have good peels I have tried. I have semi sensitive skin and so far no problems with sensitivity or redness. 

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

I love Ole Henriksen's products. They are gentle & natural yet effective. 

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

I love OH and Boscia! I was using OH, now I'm using Origins and I'm moving onto Boscia next. High five for 25! So many of us are turning 25 this year =D.


One thing to note about Ren is, prob due to the quality and natural ingredients, you should store them with care and becareful of temperature change. I had a wonderful peel mask (discontinued) that I had for 6+ month and left in the car for a couple days in the height of summer, and the texture was changed/ruined. =(

Re: Turning 25, SK-II or Perricone MD? Please help!

Thanks for all your ladies advises and recommendations! I am definitely have very good experiences with some of the products you guys have mentioned too, such as REN Glyco Mask Peel, OLE Enzyme Mask. Both products I am still using them because they are effective and gentle. 

So speaking of 25 Smiley Happy, yesterday I just wen to Saks and got a sample of SK-II, the Brightening Derm Specialist Serum. You know how is like you heard so sooo many good reviews about a product and you just have to try it out? yea I was like that yesterday! but anyways, I got a sampleSmiley Happy. I was debating between Perricone MD or SK-II initially, but my acne scars darks spots bothers me more than anything else. 

I tried last night, just one time use... I have to say for those of you who wants to get rid of dark spots please give this a shot!! It did't made me break out nor greasy, face is smoother and brighter when I woke up this morning. I felt like my acne dark red spots were little less dark...This little sample is probably going to last me about 3 days and if everything goes well I will purchase the bottle.

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