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Thinning hair at 35 years old! HELP PLEASE!

so I have been losing extreme amounts of hair....every shower...everytime I brush...tangled up in my hair ties...everywhere! I worked hard to get my hair to any length past my shoulders and have ALWAYS had REALLY thick hair but now its so thin that it looks almost like I am wearing a scarf or veil or something! (ok not that bad but I'm headed there hair first in rapid speed!) HELP ME PLEASE! I need to maximize volume, restore thickness, and eliminate breakage. SUGGESTIONS...ADVICE...FACTS?!? All input is very much appreciated!

Re: Thinning hair at 35 years old! HELP PLEASE!

I have always had both very fine and thin hair my whole life-- I started taking Viviscal about a year or two ago and it has made a HUGE difference.  It's basically a biotin supplement, formulated for hair growth, and it took a while (probably around 6 months before I saw results), but now it's a pretty dramatic difference.  Friends and family have noticed and can't believe how much thicker my hair has gotten.  It never used to grow much past my collar bones, but for the first time I have long hair!  I'm actually going to be able to wear it up or down for my wedding next year, which I'm pretty pumped about.  Anyway, I'd definitely recommend Viviscal-- it's very effective stuff!

I went through something similar a few years ago (scarves...

I went through something similar a few years ago (wore scarves to cover up for a while and everything), and it still comes and goes. For me it actually turned out to be a thyroid- and adrenal-based thing, though of course ymmv.

So the bigger fix for me was getting adrenal fatigue support stuff in place. That looks different for lots of people but for me a good MD and ashwagandha were two essentials.

The most helpful thing that you can just go to the store and buy, that I found, were Probiotic Pearls (that specific brand, not just any probiotic). I started taking them for boring digestive reasons and didn't realize there were more benefitsuntil random cashiers and strangers started complimenting my (previously thinning) hair and (unmanicured) nails.

Re: I went through something similar a few years ago (scarves...

What kind, form, and brand of ashwagandha do you use?

RE: Thinning hair at 35 years old! HELP PLEASE!

My hairline started thinning about a year ago. It got so bad I had bald patches in the front of my hair. I started seeing a hair loss doc and added some things to my regimen and my hair is growing back. What is your diet like? Are you under stress? Both things can have a major impact on hair growth.

I use the Retress line and have had great results. I have...

I use the Retress line and have had great results. I have struggled with hair loss since my mid 20's and this is the first product line that has made a significant difference in the quantity and the quality of my hair. It has reduced my shedding and I have new growth all over my head. My hairdresser even started his mom on it!

RE: Thinning hair at 35 years old! HELP PLEASE!

I started experiencing thinning hair in my late twenties and was as horrified as you are, particularly since I’d always had thick, lustrous, curly hair without trying. I tried topical Rogaine but it gave me terrible headaches (a known side-effect). I asked my doctor about pills but didn’t like the idea of ingesting something truly non-essential with other side effects. I continued on for several years, feeling self-conscious about my hair. This year, however, I discovered Alterna hair care products here on Sephora. I started with their Caviar Repair shampoo and conditioner, plus their 10 in 1 CC leave-in, and their protein retexturizer. Then I also tried their Caviar Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. The transformation of my hair over the course of 6-8 months has been dramatic. My hairdresser is genuinely shocked at what I’ve been able to achieve and I get compliments from friends all colleagues all the time. To be clear, my hair isn’t as thick as it used to be. That ship has sailed. But now when I see photos of myself, I’m just happy that my hair is shiny, full, and free of thinned out spots.
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