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Sun spots, dark circles and fine lines

What is the best product or products to help diminish sun spots, dark circles and fine lines/begining wrinkles? I am 31 with fair combination skin.   

For further prevention, SPF is your best bet.  What you a...

For further prevention, SPF is your best bet.  What you are looking for is around 30+ for the face that is labeled either broad spectrum or has a PA rating of +++.  Those labels indicate that the SPF will also cover UVA rays (the ones that cause aging).


Why not the moisturizer/SPF combination?  It would take a lot of product to get the full benefits of the SPF.  Plus if there is any sensitivity to certain sunscreen ingredients (oxybenzone for example), it will be a hard task to find one without.


Dark/sun spots.  What works best for me is basically called a whitening serum in asian countries (Often labeled in the states as brightening, hyperpigmentation, lightening, uneven skin tone, etc).  Shiseido (White Lucent) has a serum that does an excellent job at diminishing the spots.  Shu Uemura also has one (White Recovery) that is worth looking into that has great results, costs less, and lasts much longer.  But if those two are above your price point, then look into products with the labels I mentioned beforehand. 


As far as fine lines and wrinkles go, I would honestly say sample around.  Personally, I have not found a product I am in love with yet.  However, I did enjoy the sample of the YSL Temps Majeur Yeux as far as eye creams go.  DDF Erase Eye Gel was another one that did a decent job for dark circles.  In addition, sleep is good for combating dark circles.


Hope that helps.

I've found that by adding a better spf moisturizer to my...

I've found that by adding a better spf moisturizer to my day routine and an aha treatment to my night routine has diminished a great deal of the small sun spots and fine lines I was beginning to get.


I'm 32 with medium, normal/combo that still manages to breakout

(or at least it did before I found the perfect products for my face)

and I use Josie Maran Protect Daily Sun Protection spf 40 during the day

and Ole Henriksen Pure Perfection at night.

I started noticing a difference in about 4-5 days.

I'm not sure what ridiculously expensive product to buy f...

I'm not sure what ridiculously expensive product to buy for sunspots but for me personally, believe it or not but you know that selsun blue dandruff shampoo? I apply that to my sunspots (I have them under my neck for some odd reason lol) and leave it on them for about 15 minutes before I shower off. The sulfur in it clears up the sunspots Smiley Happy they have faded to the point of disappearing. It's a cheap alternative and work for me Smiley Happy for my eye puffiness and dark circles I use it's potent! Eye benefit cream. I originally got it as a sample and loved the instant results so I bought a full size. A little goes a long way Smiley Happy I put in on in the afternoon and before bed. I use it with mural perfecting night cream and I wake up glowing and I don't look like a raccoon! I'm still looking for something for my under eye wrinkles (little ones) that's reasonable in the price range. I was using asample of murad intensive wrinkle reducer and it worked pretty good and most of the little lines are gone but I ran out and to buy a normal size bottle of the stuff is a little ridiculous lol. I hope this helps!
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