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Suggestions for an eye cream?

Any suggestions on products to fix this? I have tried many eye creams and have only seen a small improvement. Currently I’m using The Ordinary caffeine solution and F.A.B. Eye Duty Triple Remedy. Also, is it normal for these products to burn when you put it on? TIA! 


Re: Suggestions for an eye cream?

I was actually going to suggest The Ordinary- Caffine eye solution but you're using it. I honestly haven't found anything better than the Caffine solution. 


Re: Suggestions for an eye cream?

@brittab84  It depends on what's causing your undereye issue. Since you've already tried many eye creams, it may be time to see a dermatologist for more options. No topical eye cream can replicate the results possible with cosmetic procedures (injectable fillers, laser treatments, surgery, etc.), though a derm might recommend a specific type of topical serum/cream depending on your specific needs. 


I have hollow tear troughs. That sunken skin creates shadows that make me look like I've got dark circles or semi-circles. I'm too big a baby about having needles pointed at my face, so I haven't gone the injectables route—but there's nothing wrong with having some work done if you can afford it. I just use concealer and/or highlighting or brightening powders very sparingly and strategically to mask my hollows. 


I also have allergies and a bad habit of rubbing my eyes; this also causes dark circles. An antihistamine pill and cooling/soothing eye patches help my allergy symptoms and dark circles. I used to have some extra darkness under my eyes caused by sun damage (from not wearing sunscreen in my teens and 20s; I'm almost 50 now), and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum 0.5 oz/ 15 mL knocked it out within 3 months of consistent use. Note that this serum can't fix darkness caused by hollow tear troughs. But if you've got hyperpigmentation from sun damage around your eyes, this is an option to consider. 


Oh, and stop using products if they burn your skin. A burning sensation is a bad reaction, especially if you also notice excessive dryness and flakey skin happening—in which case, you should focus on healing that skin for now (hydrate by tapping water on it, then immediately apply a petrolatum-based balm like CeraVe Healing Ointment or Aquaphor Ointment; it'll seal in hydrating and protect your skin while it heals). 

Re: Suggestions for an eye cream?

Wow! Thank you for all the information. 

Re: Suggestions for an eye cream?

@brittab84  I agree with @haleyvvvv  if you feel a burning I would stop!!!! I have bad under eye circles and I use Tatcha The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment  it works as a concealer but it also has faded my circles under my eyes! I have extremely sensitive skin and it doesn’t bother me!! 

Re: Suggestions for an eye cream?

If you've had dark circles for your life, it is likely genetic and you'd probably want to invest in an under eye brightener, @brittab84. If you are experiencing burning, you should immediately stop using a product. A slight tingle with some products (not these one, though) could be normal (although not encouraged). 

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