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Skincare products for late 30s

I am approaching 40 and am looking for a new skincare regimen.  I am currently using the Patricia Wexler products and like them - don't love them.  I was wondering what products you all would recommend.  I am trying to control wrinkles and fine lines.  If it can help with eye circles too - it would be great!

Re: Skincare products for late 30s

Yes, love our mods.  Gotta keep the cray-crays at bay.  (That's me trying to talk chill-style.  Working?)

Re: Skincare products for late 30s

@drrragon- Amen! The mods are another part of the greatness of BT!


Re: Skincare products for late 30s

Lots of good advice on this thread.  The best product depends on your skin type, concerns, etc.  I would just add that a non-foaming cleanser is really great.  I like Laura Mercier Flawless Oil Cleanser.  It doesn't make your skin feel tight (like more wrinkles are forming).  I also use an exfoilator twice per week.  My favorite is Murad Pomegranate Mask.  Also, you must, must, must use a sunscreen.  (I know, I sound like a mother...wait, I am one!)  I would say that nothing has helped my skin like sunscreen.  It's not enough to treat, you must protect.  I like Shiseido Urban Environment Oil Free SPF 42.


I think the biggest thing is consistency.  Shop.  Pick a product based on concerns, ratings/reviews.  Try it for 2 - 3 weeks at a minimum to see if you like it and it's working.  Do not expect miracles overnight.  I've tried some great products that look/feel fantastic, then it's like my skin gets used to it so it doesn't work anymore.  You're in this for the long haul.  Just take care of yourself.

Re: Skincare products for late 30s

I second the Murad Mask.  It's my #1 fav skin care product, and I think it's one of the things that has helped stop my cystic acne.  Love those nights when it's Mask Nite!

Re: Skincare products for late 30s

Thanks for all the great advice!  My skin is pretty normal, with minimal signs of agining at this point!  I do get some break-outs (never did as a teen ager so it's getting me now!).  I ordered a Clarisonic and am excited! 

Re: Skincare products for late 30s

I agree about the exfoliating.  I'm in the same boat you are (I turn 40 at the end of the month) but I have been using the Murad line for my daily skin routine for about 2 years now and LOVE it!  I use the Murad Vitamin C exfoliating peel twice a week too.

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