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Skin rejuvenating products

Hello. I am 23 years old. 

Can anyone advise me on whether it is better to use skin rejuvenating products at this age or at a later age so that the product will still have effects on the skin. Does it matter whether or not we start young?



Re: Skin rejuvenating products

Hi! This is what I've been advised by dermatologists. The skin doesn't really need anti-aging attention until you reach about 30. Anti-aging products used too early can make your skin dependent on them too quickly, but starting on them too late (50s) will have little effect. The goal is to start using skin rejuvenating products to maintain what you have when your skin quality would otherwise decline.. Until then, like nebel says, sun protection and healthy living (diet, exercise, sleep, simple skincare) is key. 

Re: Skin rejuvenating products

The most important thing you can do right now is PREVENT skin damage.  This means NO SUN.  Be downright religious with your SPF, and wear big hats and sunglassses when you go outside! Moisturize well, and don't smoke!  It is much easier to stop skin damage before you have it than to worry about it in the future!

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