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Please recommend me for anti aging lotion

I am 24 years old. I realized that I do need to take care of myself better before it is too late. So I decided to find more information about anti aging cream and lotion. There are lot of people said it is better to start using it when we are 20s and we will see the result in next 10 to 20 years. The problem is I don't know which one is suitable for early 20s. I just finished using Amazing Grace from Philosophy Body Lotion and Age Delay Dual Repair Face Cream from First Aid Beauty. Also I tried Dior Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Cream but I realized that since I don't have any wrinkle now, why do I need wrinkle correction cream. Is there anyone have any good product to recommend me? Should I stick with what I'm using or change for other products.It's tough for me to make decision because the result is not come up in couple weeks or months. It takes few years to see the results. Till then f the product doesn't work, I may look older already LOL


Thank you so much


Re: Please recommend me for anti aging lotion

I would recommend a line like Kate Somerville's. She has a gentle daily cleanser a serum and a daily moisturizer that should keep you right as far as the treatment and prevention of aging. Hope this helps!

Re: Please recommend me for anti aging lotion


I compared between Shisedo and Dior XP at that time. Finally, I got Dior XP and I feel disappointed. I think Shisedo is suitable for Asian skin since it's Japan product. Also, I always skip make up remover. So I just used Philosophy Purity Made Simple to wash my face right away. I just bought Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask and I only tried to use once. Tonight I am going to try again following the directions twice a week. I love its smell and I felt fresh after mask. After I finished this jar of First Aid Beauty, I will look for Shisedo. I think I am going to get Philosophy Cleansing Whipes too because I am impressed with Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial wash. Next time before I buy new items, I will look for hydrating one and alcohol free.  

Re: Please recommend me for anti aging lotion


Thank you so much for your recommendation. To be honest you still look younger than 38 years old Smiley Happy I use BB Beuaty Balm SPF 35/PA from MAC+++ so I think I'm good right?


@ starletta8

It's because I saw Celebrity in Thailand (my original country) on TV. Even they are about 30s but their skins still look like 18 years old. I just wanna look young when I get older so I am getting nervous. But you are right I am wasting my money right now for the product which is not suitable for my age. I will look for the prevention and treatment cream. One more thing I love wearing make up everyday. Sometime I am too lazy to get out of the bed and clean up my face. I will have to clean my face before I go to bed. Oh also, I chose this product because I asked Sephora sales person at store and I already explained about what I concerned. I mean I am a little disappointed and feel that they are not professional. They usually recommend me one product and that's it. They didn't give me good information like you did. Thank you againSmiley Happy


@ kalex

I am dry skin and it's not break out. My skin is a little weird. I noticed my face skin after I change new face cream or new facial cleanser. It would be so dry and break out especially, when I started use Dior XP. At first I thought it is really great because my skin feel so smooth. But after I used for 2 weeks, my boyfriend asked me what happened to my face skin because it broke up badly. I finally stopped using it. Right now I am using First Aid Beauty in the morning and at night with Purity facial wash from Philosophy. I think my skin is softer and I am happy with that. Thank you very muchSmiley Happy



I am little confused about serum. At first I thought serum is only for old people. So it's kinda booster? That what I am looking for the product that make my skin clear, bright, and smooth. Thank you for your recommendationSmiley Happy






Re: Please recommend me for anti aging lotion

No problem- that's what we're here for.  A few other thoughts.


  • Be careful comparing yourself to people on tv/magazines. They have access to a small army making them look perfect. There's also the photographer's best friend- Photoshop.
  • Making sure you never sleep in makeup is essential.  If you feel like there's no way that you can promise to do that every day, stash some cleansing wipes in your bedside table. Not as good as actually using makeup remover and following with cleanser and moisturizer- but a huge step up from makeup.


As far as actual products, you may want to look at the following lines (a few suggestions):


  • Cleansing Wipes: Philosophy makes Purity ones, First Aid Beauty also makes good ones. This is one place where I often use drugstore products (Boots No.7 or the hydrating Neutrogena wipes)
  • Cleanser: You're going to get a lot of recommendations for Philosophy and First Aid Beauty. I'm going to throw out another brand that you should look at- Shiseido. (Actually, Shiseido is fantastic in that they have different lines that you can mix and match based on certain concerns.)
  • Moisturizer: As we all mentioned, SPF, SPF, SPF! There are a lot of fabulous products that have SPF built in.  I highly recommend Shiseido's The Skincare Day Moisturizer SPF15+, but Boscia makes a set of day/night moisturizers that are oil free (with SPF in the daytime) that are nice. If you're looking to splurge, I'm also becoming a fan of Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Cream.  Note: don't wear SPF to bed.
  • Sunscreen: Wait, didn't I just recommend a moisturizer with SPF? Check out Shiseido's sunscreens for an added boost during the summer- they're awesome. I'm also a fan of Peter Thomas Roth sunscreens
  • Eye Cream:  I'm obsessed with Shiseido's eye creams, but Origins and Ole Henriksen also make nice ones.
  • Serum: A lot of people are fans of Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, which focuses on collagen.  Long-term, you'll be looking at retinol treatment once you're in your 30s and beyond- but collagen is a better fit for someone in your age range. Serum is like another treatment.
  • Treatment/Masks: There's a masks thread in the skincare section that you may want to look at.  I think most people would recommend Glamglow Youthmud (which is awesome in that there's a smaller, $19 container to try first). I'm also a firm believer in rehydration masks.

One other thing- try to avoid products full of alcohol- you'll just dry out your skin. That will make it look less than healthy.

Re: Please recommend me for anti aging lotion

Definitely use a moisturizer with sunblock,wear sunglasses and i would use an under eye cream or gel anyway Oil of Olay total effects is a good one, eat lot of foods rich with vitamin A,C,and E, i swear by this, i'm 38 and can easily pass for 28 because i started taking care of my skin when i was your age.

Re: Please recommend me for anti aging lotion

OK, a few things here.


1. You're still young!  Relax! You haven't missed your window, and you shouldn't be worrying about anti-aging. It's wonderful that it's on your radar, but you're wasting your money right now.


2. In your early to mid 20s, your priorities should be:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment

And by treatment, I mean dealing with any sun damage.  You don't need anti-aging treatments. I'm still in prevention mode myself, and I'm in my early 30s.


3. There are a few simple things that you can do that will help your skin for years and decades to come that will do far more than using anti-aging products.


  • Always wear SPF
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Never sleep in makeup
  • Keep your skin hydrated
  • Wear SPF
  • Oh, and did I mention? Wear SPF!!!

4. At your age, focus on SPF, hydration, and not abusing your skin. You've still got a youthful glow- rock it and enjoy it!  From my personal experience, my skin only started to shift to where active prevention was on my radar after my 30th birthday.

Re: Please recommend me for anti aging lotion

You definitely don't need to be using wrinkle repair creams if you don't have wrinkles.  Right now prevention is what you want to be focusing on.  Use sunscreen everyday - lines and sunspots are easier to delay/prevent than they are to erase.  Wear sunglasses - no squinting = no eye crinkles.


If you let us know what your skin type is (are you oily or dry? do you break out?) we can better recommend skin care items for you!

Re: Please recommend me for anti aging lotion

I am definitely not an expert in this area, but I'll just mention what I use.  I started using a serum before my regular moisturizer. I use the First Aid Beauty Radiance Serum.  

First Aid Beauty - Facial Radiance Serum

It's described as a concentrated anti-aging serum.  It is not dense at all which I like.  It leaves no residue either.  I've found that it leaves my skin looking bright, clear, and smooth--just more glowing than before using it.  


Then I just use the regular first aid beauty daily face cream for moisturizer.  

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