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Ole Henriksen African Red Tea products

I have a rather odd question....


So I purchased a OH sample kit a while back (OH Seven Skincare Sensations) that included the African Red Tea Foaming Facial Cleanser. I fell in love with it! Oh, the scent was so amazing - like citrus-y and a bit sweet! It also worked like nobody's business.  So I decided to purchase the sample kit of these Red Tea products after reading the reviews that they all smell so good.  I was surprised to find that, upon opening the jars of eye cream and moisturizer, the creams look like mud - almost like clay - and have no citrus-y smell at ALL (as several reviewers said they did).  Mine just smell kind of..... odd. Not bad odd.... but definitely NOT what I was expecting.  I checked the expiration dates and they are fine. 


Do I just have a broken sniffer?   Smiley Happy  or does anyone else use this line of OH products and also feel like they are just kind of... off? The only product in the box that smells and seems right besides the cleanser is the Face Mist. 



Re: Ole Henriksen African Red Tea products

I like Ole Henriksen alot, and am currently using the sugar glow scrub and nurture me cream. 


i believe out of the red tea line, only the sugar glow, foaming cleanser, face mist and lip balm have that scent, which is a bummer bc I love how it smells! Also noticed a number of the items in the truth line smell like orange creamsicle lol.

Re: Ole Henriksen African Red Tea products

i've used the african red tea and like you found the cleanser to smell devine, but the serum,.. i can't wait to finish the bottle to go back to the vitamin c serum.

Re: Ole Henriksen African Red Tea products

Yeah, I'd agree. I have a lot of Ole Henriksen products and because he uses all natural ingredients, they sometimes don't smell as good. Just like Dr. Perricone's line and his ingredients.


It's completely normal, and if it doesn't bother you then continue using it as the products are amazing and very effective. If they are, then you are always able to bring it back.


Re: Ole Henriksen African Red Tea products

I know what smell you're talking about. The first products I purchased out the African Red Tea line were the Express the Truth creme and See the Difference Serum. Express the Truth does look like mud and is quite thick/heavy and the serum is a little lighter. Both smell totally different and it is totally normal. Also, the products do not settle, cake up, dry, etc. unless they are like two years old I discovered! Very great products with amazing benefits.
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