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Hi all, Here is the deal. I have dry, flaky skin that is prone to breakouts. When I find a moisturizer that takes care of the dryness my skin then breaks out (blackheads/whiteheads) Algenist is the only moisturizer that my skin loves but my budget doesn't love it. I have tried Blisss The Youth as We Know it, Bosica Black Hydrating Gel, Fresh Soy Moisturizing Face Cream, Ole Henriksen Truth Cream Advanced Hydration, Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizing Gel-Cream. Any suggestions on a great moisturizer that won't make me break out yet won't break the bank?

Re: Needed~moisturizer!

Lubriderm. I'm not joking, that stuff is amazing. I know it sounds utterly insane that someone would put that stuff on their face, but it's actually really great. I use the Lubriderm Intensive Repair lotion and it hasn't caused any breakouts whatsoever. I have combination oily skin, that gets really dehydrated in the winter months. My skin is also pretty sensitive, and I break out very easily. Since I have dehydrated skin, I use Caudalie's SOS serum (AMAZING) under the Lubriderm. The best and most hydrating moisturizers I've found have been from the drugstore. I've tried Clinique, Korres, Ole Henrickson, Kiehls, various LUSH moisturizers (which are actually pretty good), just to name a few.

Re: Needed~moisturizer!

As someone who is also breakout prone, when I'm feeling dry, I immediately grab either Clinique's, (oil free), Moisture Surge in the original jar packaging, or, (also oil free), Moisture Surge spray.  The latter is probably my favorite of the two because you can spray yourself all day long without moving any of your make-up, and it's also very handy/convenient to spray, rather than whip the jar out and dab your face with the gel/cream...I leave that to how to start the day, after Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.  Also, make sure you're properly exfoliating so as to avoid clogged pores and thus breakouts.  If you have an active breakout, don't use a wash cloth or scrub, you'll just irritate the blemish(es) and spread the bacteria, Clarifying Lotion twice a day is your friend Smiley Happy

Re: Needed~moisturizer!

I definitely agree- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is a great choice for your skin type. It sinks right in and takes care of dryness without causing additional oil production/breakouts.

Re: Needed~moisturizer!

Try either Simple Replenishing moisturizer(Target/walmart), or Clinique Dramatically Different Gel.  I've used both and they hydrate without the breakouts.

Re: Needed~moisturizer!

If you have flaky skin that's prone to break-outs, it's probably dehydrated skin rather than dry skin. I would suggest you try Korres' yoghurt moisturizing cream (for oily and dehydrated skin) if you like more of a creamy texture or Moisture Surge from Clinique (the regular, not the intense) if you prefer gels. Any product that is made specifically for dehydrated and combination skin rather than for dry skin could do the job (look for hydrating products that come in two or more formulas then pick the formula for normal to combination skin). Other examples are Biotherm's aquasource green gel, Caudalie's Vinosource fluid, etc.


If you skin gets very flaky, the best way to get rid of it is with a deep hydrating mask. My favorite one is Caudalie's Hydrating cream-mask. Apply a thick layer on clean face, leave on for 10-15minutes, then take off the excess and rub the rest into your skin as your night cream.


Then, to prevent your flakiness from coming back, you should try a hydrating serum such as Biotherm's Aquasource Superserum.


Josie Maran's Argan Oil could also be a useful alternative as it would hydrate well and balance out the oil in your skin (help with breakouts). You may not appreciate the texture for daytime though.


This is assuming that you do have dehydrated skin (lacks water) which breaks out when you use products for dry skin (lacks oil). But because you've tried a few products which aren't necessarily for dry skin (like the Boscia one), you could be breaking out for other reasons (such as an allergic reaction to a certain ingredient which isn't in Algenist's creams). Just keep that in mind!



Re: Needed~moisturizer!

It seems you've tried the gel for oily skin to the cream for dry skin. Have you tried anything by First Aid Beauty? their products are known for being great for dry skin and non-irritating.


Also have you tried Moisture Surge for dry skin from Clinique? What about beauty oils like Argan Oil from Josie Maran, Maracuja Oil from Tarte, Seaberry oil from Fresh? I've tried those when my skin is really dry in the harsh winter and they worked for me.


Not really carried at Sephora, but L'occitane is a French brand with great natural products (unless you are allergic to certain natural ingredients). I'm not a big fan of their toners, but I've tried the moisturizers from their Angelica and Shea butter line and enjoyed them.

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